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  • Trial date set for former LandCastle Title CEO Nat Hardwick

    Stands accused of conspiring to embezzle $20 million
    Exactly one year ago, federal authorities arrested Nathan (Nat) Hardwick, the former chief executive officer of LandCastle Title and former managing partner of Morris Hardwick Schneider, on charges that he embezzled millions of dollars from his former companies. And exactly one year from now, Hardwick will stand trial for allegedly conspiring to steal more than $20 million from the attorney escrow accounts and operating accounts of Morris Hardwick Schneider and LandCastle Title.
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  • Former LandCastle Title CEO Nat Hardwick arrested on federal embezzlement charges

    Feds charge Hardwick and firm's former CFO with $20 million theft, cover-up
    Nathan (Nat) Hardwick, the former chief executive officer of LandCastle Title and former managing partner of Morris Hardwick Schneider, was arrested Monday morning in downtown Atlanta by federal authorities. The charges relate to allegations he embezzled millions of dollars from his former companies.
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  • Despite Morris Schneider Wittstadt bankruptcy, Dustin Johnson vows to keep fighting for “stolen” $3M

    PGA superstar wants money back
    As PGA golfer Dustin Johnson prepares to tee off later this week at the Open Championship at St. Andrews in Scotland, the law firm that he alleges stole $3 million from him is fighting for its existence in bankruptcy court in Virginia. But despite Morris Schneider Wittstadt declaring bankruptcy last week, Johnson does not intend to give up his fight to get his money back.
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  • EXCLUSIVE: Morris Schneider Wittstadt officially files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

    Butler & Hosch sale, Dustin Johnson lawsuit severely impacted firm

    In the bankruptcy filing, obtained exclusively by HousingWire, Mark Wittstadt, the firm's managing partner, said that the firm would have been able to survive the alleged embezzlement of $30 million from the firm's accounts. However, the subsequent lawsuit from PGA golfer Dustin Johnson and the disastrous sale of assets to now-defunct Butler & Hosch was too much for the firm to bear.

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  • Sources: Morris Schneider Wittstadt declaring bankruptcy, closing immediately

    LandCastle Title’s operations will not be affected
    One source told HousingWire that MSW — a Georgia-based law firm that made national headlines last year when the firm sued its former managing partner for allegedly embezzling $30 million from the firm’s accounts and the accounts of the firm’s subsidiary, LandCastle Title — has not yet filed bankruptcy, perhaps due to the looming July 4th holiday, but the source expects the firm to file as early as Monday.
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  • Fidelity increases stake in LandCastle Title

    Total cost of bailout rises to $22 million
    It turns out that $19 million wasn’t enough to cover the shortages in the escrow accounts of LandCastle Title. Fidelity National Financial disclosed that it funneled an additional $3 million to LandCastle in the fourth quarter, and acquired an additional 5% stake in LandCastle, bringing its total bailout to $22 million.
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  • Title attorneys call Dustin Johnson’s lawsuit “laughable fairy tale”

    Wittstadts ask judge to dismiss PGA golfer’s lawsuit
    "Johnson’s new yarn, that he and his friend are patsies in a complex, serpentine fraud scheme, would be even more laughable but for the damage that such patently false allegations cause to the reputations of good lawyers who are, without any question, the true victims here," title attorneys Mark and Rod Wittstadt say in an amended motion requesting the dismissal of PGA golfer Dustin Johnson's lawsuit against them.
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  • Dustin Johnson levels blockbuster claims at title attorneys

    Is Nat Hardwick the fall guy?
    The situation surrounding the escrow account shortages discovered at LandCastle Title and the law firm of Morris Schneider Wittstadt has taken another dramatic turn, with PGA golfer Dustin Johnson filing an amended motion which accuses Mark and Rod Wittstadt of conspiring to use Nat Hardwick as a pawn and set him up to take the fall for the shortages that were discovered in the accounts of the firm and its subsidiary, LandCastle Title.
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