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  • Black Knight Financial Services acquires eLynx

    Enables company to 'electronically support the full mortgage origination process'
    In a move that the company says will enable it to "electronically support the full mortgage origination process," Black Knight Financial Services acquired eLynx, a portfolio company of American Capital Ltd. Here's what both companies say about their now-combined future.
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  • Executive Conversation: Mitigating risk with eLynx post-close automation

    Data-driven process makes vendor management easier

    "The beauty of data is it allows for process improvement. One problem that plagues any manual process is that feedback tends to be anecdotal. A data-driven process allows you to identify common errors made at the closing table and rectify them by modifying documents and training your vendors." 

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  • eLynx to acquire Medallion Analytics

    Acquisition brings “valuable expertise” in data and settlement services
    eLynx said that it expects the addition of Medallion to bring valuable expertise in data and settlement services into its “cutting edge document fulfillment, signature and data solutions for the mortgage and consumer industries.”
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    Transitioning to Integrated Disclosure, part 1

    Lenders planning to start out with a manual process are underestimating the challenges

    In this current transition chaos, some lenders are assuming, perhaps hoping, that existing loan origination or doc prep systems will handle the new procedures with the lender filling in the gaps in technology with staff and manual support. 

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