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  • JPMorgan Chase 2Q17 mortgage banking revenue offsets overall boost in earnings

    Beats earnings expectations
    Despite a boost in net revenue compared to the second quarter of last year, lower mortgage banking revenue at JPMorgan Chase didn’t perform as well. As a result, the decline offset some of the bank’s overall increase in earnings. However, this didn’t stop the mega bank from still managing to beat earnings expectations.
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  • JPMorgan Chase COO Matt Zames stepping down

    Once seen as potential successor to CEO Jamie Dimon
    Matt Zames, who served as the chief operating officer of JPMorgan Chase and was once seen by many as a potential successor to CEO Jamie Dimon, is stepping from his position, the bank disclosed Thursday in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
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  • Chase quietly launches its own 3% down mortgage lending program

    Rolls out first-time homebuyer program with Fannie Mae backing
    Prospective homebuyers, especially first-time homebuyers who struggle to save for a down payment, have a new, and significant, outlet they can now turn to when seeking a low down payment mortgage — JPMorgan Chase. Not be outdone by Wells Fargo, JPMorgan Chase also recently launched its own 3% down mortgage program, albeit much more quietly.
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  • Massive Chase mortgage bond first to meet FDIC Safe Harbor rule

    $1.88 billion deal is one of largest post-crisis RMBS deals
    A new mortgage bond from JPMorgan Chase Bank is not only one of the largest RMBS deals since the housing crisis, the $1.88 billion residential mortgage-backed securitization is also the first RMBS deal that qualifies for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation’s Safe Harbor rule, which took effect in 2010.
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  • DBRS positive on JPMorgan’s jumbo-ARM mortgage bonds

    Offering receives second round of AAA ratings
    DBRS is joining Fitch Ratings in awarding AAA ratings to a massive residential mortgage-backed securitization backed entirely by adjustable-rate mortgages from JPMorgan Chase & Co. The offering is backed by 913 adjustable-rate mortgages with a total balance of $940.1 million.
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  • Here comes another jumbo RMBS from JPMorgan

    $355.64 million offering receives triple-A ratings
    J.P. Morgan Mortgage Trust 2014-OAK4 built on a pool of 434 loans with an aggregate loan balance of $355.64 million. The offering contains loans with an average balance of $819,448 and has a weighted average loan-to-value of 73.7%.
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  • JPMorgan earns victory over Los Angeles in discrimination suit

    City alleged that lender “engaged in mortgage discrimination”
    In a decision made public on Wednesday, U.S. District Judge Otis Wright said the city could not hold JPMorgan responsible for questionable lending by the former Washington Mutual Inc, under a federal law governing the wind-down of failed banks.
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  • Trustees to accept $4.5 billion JPMorgan settlement

    Settlement talks had stalled in January
    The Reuters report states that the trustees representing the defrauded investors are set to accept the settlement for a “vast majority” of the trusts that they represent. The settlement was originally agreed to in November 2013.
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