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  • Prime jumbo mortgage bonds are disappearing. Here's why

    DBRS report shows new issuance falling off a cliff
    Recent reports showed that rate at which new mortgage bonds enter the market is slowing considerably in 2016. But just how dry is the well getting? Incredibly dry, especially if you’re an investor looking for a prime jumbo mortgage bond.
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  • Two Harbors bailing on jumbo bonds already impacting mortgage market

    Ripple effect already takes down one jumbo originator, for now
    Two Harbors Investment Corp. shocked the mortgage industry Thursday when it announced that it planned to shutter its mortgage loan conduit and securitization business. But what about the loan originators that turned to Two Harbors to buy jumbo loans? What happens to them now that there’s one less buyer and securitizer of jumbo mortgages in the market?
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  • Two Harbors gives up securitization business

    Also abandons mortgage loan conduit business
    Once a prominent feature of the secondary mortgage market, prime jumbo residential-mortgage backed securities fell out of favor in the aftermath of the housing crisis. While the post-crisis figures paled in comparison to the pre-crisis days, there are still a number of companies actively issuing prime jumbo RMBS deals. But now, there’s one less.
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  • DBRS: The future is bright for jumbo mortgage bonds

    Number of issuers growing; positive trends emerging
    Despite a drop in the number of prime jumbo residential mortgage-backed securitizations from 2013 to 2014, several trends are beginning to emerge that show the future of jumbo mortgage bonds is strong, DBRS said in a new report.
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  • WinWater prepping vanilla jumbo mortgage bond

    $287.74 million offering receives AAA ratings
    For the third time this year, WinWater Home Mortgage is preparing to bring a prime jumbo residential mortgage-backed securitization to market. WinWater Mortgage Loan Trust 2015-3 is backed by 382 loans with a total principal balance of $287,742,280.
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  • Two Harbors bringing $294 million jumbo RMBS to market

    Second Agate Bay offering of 2015
    Agate Bay Mortgage Trust 2015-2 is backed by 400 loans with a total principal balance of $294 million and an average loan balance of $736,131. DBRS issued a presale report for the offering and awarded more than $276 million in AAA ratings to the offering.
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  • DBRS positive on JPMorgan’s jumbo-ARM mortgage bonds

    Offering receives second round of AAA ratings
    DBRS is joining Fitch Ratings in awarding AAA ratings to a massive residential mortgage-backed securitization backed entirely by adjustable-rate mortgages from JPMorgan Chase & Co. The offering is backed by 913 adjustable-rate mortgages with a total balance of $940.1 million.
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  • WinWater Home Mortgage prepping first jumbo RMBS of 2015

    $283.88 million offering receives AAA ratings
    One of 2014’s new players in the prime jumbo residential mortgage-backed securitization market is back for more in 2015. WinWater Home Mortgage, which brought its first jumbo RMBS to market in June of last year, is prepping its first jumbo RMBS of 2015.
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