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  • From HW Magazine

    Housing in 2065

    How to succeed for the next 50 years
    What will things look like in 2065? The possibilities are endless. And fascinating. What will our financial system look like? What about how we live and where we live? To answer these tough questions and more, HousingWire polled some of the brightest minds in the housing industry to get their predictions for the future. But more than just predictions, they spoke about how we’re going get to where we’re going, and what we all need to do to ready ourselves for what’s coming.
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  • This 1 chart shows mortgage “death valley”

    Logan Mohtashami wins the Internet
    In reaction to a series of tweets on mortgage originations, Logan Mohtashami threw together a chart proving how and why mortgages are sitting in “death valley.” It’s both impressive and depressing at the same time.
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