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  • HELOC borrowers increasingly likely to shop for alternative funding

    Study shows HELOC providers face growing threat from alternative lenders
    HELOC volume has been limp in the last year despite rising equity levels thanks to rising interest rates and new tax laws, and now HELOC providers are facing increased competition from alternative lenders. A recent survey by J.D. Power revealed that homeowners are researching their options, looking into alternative funding sources before selecting a HELOC.
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  • Here are the top 5 mortgage servicers

    And what they’re doing right
    Despite recent technological advancements in the mortgage industry, servicers continue to fall behind in an already lagging industry. The latest survey from J.D. Power shows Americans are not impressed. But some mortgage servicers did stand out above the rest, here are the top five.
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  • J.D. Power: Time to prepare for upcoming HELOC boom

    Number of Americans taking out HELOCs projected to double
    As home prices, and therefore homeowner equity rises, consumers who wish to take out a home equity line of credit are expected to double over the next five years. In order to capitalize on the growing HELOC trend, J.D. Power explained lenders will need to increase their digital offerings.
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  • J.D. Power: Will mortgage lending go fully digital in 2018?

    Trend grows toward heavy tech development
    J.D. Power conducted a new study which shows, for the first time, refinance and purchase customers cited online/website as the most frequent method of submitting a mortgage application. The number of buyers that began their mortgage application digitally surged from last year. Are we finally on the verge?
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  • J.D. Power: This is what consumers want from their bank

    Millennials most receptive to bank advice
    J.D. Power conducted its first 2018 Retail Banking Advice Study which showed what the majority of consumers are looking for in their bank. The survey results showed that, despite the constant move toward digitalization and online transactions, consumers still value advice given by banks.
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  • J.D. Power names companies with top mortgage servicer satisfaction

    Overall satisfaction down from last year
    The overall customer satisfaction in their servicers dropped in 2017 after several years of increases. J.D. Power’s latest Primary Mortgage Servicer Satisfaction Study ranks the top companies with the best customer satisfaction in mortgage servicing. Here are the best ranked companies, and the most improved.
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  • Here's the unlikely key for how servicers can increase profit

    Most servicers get this wrong
    Mortgage servicers who invest in one particular overlooked area can recapture their investment as well as increase profits and raise customer satisfaction, according to the newest J.D. Power 2016 Primary Mortgage Servicer Satisfaction Study. This study contradicts the conventional wisdom of many in the mortgage servicing industry. Are you one of them?
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  • [Survey] Here’s proof digital mortgages are the future of lending

    J.D. Power survey shows customer satisfaction is better
    New survey results from J.D. Power prove that mortgage customer satisfaction is better thanks to heightened focus from lenders on developing functional digital channels and improving operation efficiency. Falling in line with where the industry is headed, the results confirmed that as the number of Millennial homebuyers continues to rise, lenders must be ready to meet their expectations.
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  • Servicer focus on mortgage delinquencies severely impacts current borrowers

    J.D. Power survey shows current borrowers often feel ignored
    Despite the percentage of loans in delinquency dropping to less than 5% of all loans in June, mortgage servicers are still paying an inordinate amount of attention to delinquent borrowers, severely impacting the servicers’ overall customer experience, a new report shows. Here's what servicers can do to fix it.
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