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    Hot Seat: Kim Hoffman of Sutherland

    Letting third-party service providers do the heavy lifting
    There has never been a more defined need for lenders to partner with providers who can handle all facets and complexities of the mortgage process with ease. Margins are razor-thin, consumer experience expectations have never been greater and speed has never been more important. Managing any one of these variables alone is difficult, now add compliance, quality requirements or buy back risk, and rising interest rates, there is no need to go it alone.
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  • Control implementation costs with smart tech assessments

    Technology is an investment that pays off for TILA-RESPA compliance

    Third-party updates may be necessary to update transaction coverage and calculations, obtain required information for verifications, incorporate new disclosures, and to make sure your software, compliance, quality-control, and recordkeeping protocols comply with the new rule. 

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