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  • Kroll says some banks are rethinking viability of mortgage lending business

    Predicts challenging market conditions will have some small retail operations closing up shop
    The mortgage industry has witnessed very few mergers and acquisitions in the last year, despite what Kroll Bond Rating Agency calls a "fertile environment" for M&A activity. Why? Blame low profits and high origination costs. According to KBRA, the climate has some banks rethinking their positions, with some selling of mortgage assets and others simply exiting the business completely.
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  • Ratings agency forecasts proprietary reverse mortgage boom

    Publishes paper with 5 things investors should know
    The reverse mortgage industry has seen a number of proprietary products hit the market this year, and Kroll Bond Rating Agency is betting on their success. In its report, titled “Five Things to Know About Reverse Mortgages,” KBRA says reverse mortgages require analytical considerations that can differ significantly from forward mortgages. Here's what it said investors should know.
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  • Majority of Hurricane Harvey homeowners uninsured and face billions in damages

    Category 4 storm leaves thousands without a home
    Hurricane Harvey hit South Texas as a Category 4 storm, flooding the city and destroying thousands of homes. Kroll Bond Rating Agency predicts $35 billion in flood damage alone, levels not seen since Katrina. However, this time, the number of homeowners without flood insurance is significantly higher.
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  • Kroll Bond Rating Agency names Van Hesser as head of financial institutions group

    Replaces recently departed Christopher Whalen
    Earlier this week, Kroll Bond Rating Agency announced the departure of Christopher Whalen, who served as senior managing director and head of research. One of Whalen’s roles was as the head of the company’s financial institutions, and the company announced Thursday that it found a replacement for Whalen from within its own ranks.
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  • Christopher Whalen leaving Kroll Bond Rating Agency

    Served as senior managing director and head of research for three years
    Kroll Bond Rating Agency announced Tuesday that Christopher Whalen, who served as senior managing director and head of research, is stepping down. Whalen, an investment banker, author, and frequent HousingWire contributor, joined KBRA in 2014. Here's a look at what Whalen plans to do next.
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  • KBRA: This should be the focus of Trump's regulatory reform

    End practice of holding capital as "panacea" for preventing crisis
    President Donald Trump held to another one of his campaign promises last week, when he signed an executive order that is expected to begin the process of revamping (or replacing) the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act. The specific details of the Trump administration’s plan for financial reform were not contained in the executive order, but what should the Republican-led regulatory reform efforts focus on?
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  • KBRA: Mortgage lending will peak in 2016, fall off in 2017 and beyond

    Rising interest rates, home price appreciation will slow originations
    To borrow a phrase from Game of Thrones, winter is coming in more ways than just on the calendar. Winter is coming from mortgage lending too, according to a new report from Kroll Bond Rating Agency. KBRA’s new report states that 2016 will likely be the peak year for mortgage originations for “years to come,” as a fall in origination volume will occur in 2017 and beyond.
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  • Could the mortgage market be facing a liquidity crisis?

    Kroll Bond Rating Agency's Christopher Whalen thinks so
    The mortgage market could be staring at a liquidity crisis in the very near future thanks in part to the Federal Reserve's repeated reluctance to increase interest rates, Kroll Bond Rating Agency Senior Managing Director Christopher Whalen told CNBC on Wednesday.
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