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  • Smaller independent mortgage bankers request freedom from CFPB exams

    CHLA responds to bureau’s request for comments
    The Community Home Lenders Association submitted a letter to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau requesting that smaller independent mortgage bankers be exempt from the bureau’s exams and audits. The letter comes in response to the CFPB’s request for comment on its own enforcement process, which it issued back in February.
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  • Preserving homeownership incentives – a national priority in tax reform

    Here's a better solution for tax reform
    [Expert commentary] The Community Home Lenders Association is very supportive of the goals of the pending House and Senate tax bills of providing tax relief for individuals and corporations and simplifying and reforming the tax code. And if this means reforming existing homeownership tax provisions in order to help finance these tax cuts, that is fine with us.
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  • [Counterpoint] Here's how small lenders can support GSE reform

    The debate behind recapitilizing the GSEs
    [Expert commentary] It is time to put to rest the straw man argument that groups in Washington that want to recapitalize the government sponsored enterprises or build a capital buffer want to "recap and release" the GSEs without reforms. Congress needs facts and a proper and correct reminder of history as they debate allowing too big to fail institutions to become GSEs and whether to have a capital buffer.
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  • FHA premiums, fair housing, appraisal requirements top list of industry concerns for HUD

    CHLA, NAR weigh in on regulatory burdens
    The current administration made reducing regulatory burdens a main priority early on, announcing an executive order on the issue shortly after President Donald Trump started his term. HUD and other government agencies invited public comments on the matter, and two of the biggest groups in housing offered up their thoughts on how HUD can improve.
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  • Community lenders stress possible negative impact on mortgage interest deduction in tax reform

    Pens letter with two requests
    Despite the fact that the Treasury secretary said earlier this year that the mortgage interest tax deduction will not be changed, nothing is guaranteed when it come to the future of tax reform. And while the Trump administration is supposedly working on comprehensive tax reform, the Community Home Lenders Association says that it has serious concerns about the future of the mortgage interest deduction.
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  • Community lenders renew call to allow Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac to rebuild capital

    GSEs reported combined net income of more than $5 billion in 3rd quarter
    In the wake of both of the government-sponsored enterprises reporting multi-billion dollar profits in the third quarter, the Community Home Lenders Association is renewing its call to allow Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae to rebuild capital, saying an additional draw from the Treasury could lead to a restriction of mortgage credit availablity.
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  • Community lenders: We should be exempt from CFPB exams and primary enforcement, too

    Just like most banks already are
    The Community Home Lenders Association believes that small non-bank mortgage lenders should be exempt from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's exams and primary enforcement, just as most banks already are. Here, the organization explains why and discusses why that exemption would help small lenders better serve consumers.
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  • It’s far past time to end Fannie, Freddie conservatorship. Here’s how to do it

    CHLA shares plan for recapitalizing GSEs
    It is now seven years since Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac went into conservatorship. The Community Home Lenders Association says that it believes a government guarantee is needed to maintain an affordable 30-year mortgage and sustain housing markets. But consensus is elusive on what should come next. Here is their plan.
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  • Community lenders call on FHA to cut mortgage insurance premiums, again

    FHA cut premiums in January, CHLA wants more
    Citing the strength of the Mutual Mortgage Insurance Fund, the Federal Housing Administration in January cut its annual mortgage insurance premiums by 50 basis points, from 1.35% to 0.85%, but one trade group is now calling on the FHA to reduce its insurance premiums even further – to pre-crisis levels.
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