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  • Investors to build affordable housing units in Phoenix Opportunity Zones

    Three projects worth $61 million are being built
    Investment company Pacific Oak Capital and Defer Gain, an Arizona-based real estate development company specializing in Opportunity Zone investments, have announced their joint venture to develop, finance, and operate multi-family, commercial, and industrial income producing properties in Arizona Opportunity Zones.
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  • Homeowners with debt are willing to go into more debt to renovate their home

    60% say they can't afford renovations but are going to do it anyways
    Nearly two-thirds of homeowners who have $10,000 or more of unsecured debt say they are planning on doing renovations to their home in the next five years, according to a survey from Freedom Debt Relief. Despite those plans, approximately 60% of homeowners say they can't afford the necessary renovations to their home, but are willing to go even more into debt to make it happen. 
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  • The latest rich-person problem: Vacation home guilt

    Half of second home owners said they feel bad for not visiting their property enough
    Do you have a lake house or home in the mountains that you don't make enough time to go to? You're not alone. Or, let's try that again... Do you wish you had a lake house or a home in the mountains? Don't worry, you probably wouldn't use it anyways. 
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  • This is how grocery chains affect a home's value

    Trader Joe's, ALDI, and Whole Foods appear to have positive impact
    Did you know living by a certain grocery store chain can positively affect the value of your home? Investors looking for a return, or homebuyers looking for convenience (or cookie butter and Two Buck Chuck), need look no further.
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  • Ellevest CEO: Women are not a niche market

    Women are half of the population, how come they don't invest like it?
    Women are half of the world's population, but you wouldn't know that by looking at how they invest their money. In a fireside chat at the Lendit Fintech Conference in San Francisco, Ellevest CEO and Co-Founder Sallie Krawcheck detailed what it takes to get women more involved with investing their money and wealth.
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  • Real estate entrepreneur sentenced 20 years for fraud

    Ordered to pay investors $189,000 in restitution fees
    Everett Craig Williams, a real estate entrepreneur, is spending 20 years behind bars for swindling thousands of dollars from investors, according to an article written by L.M Sixel at the Houston Chronicle. Williams used investor money to finance his personal expenses.
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  • Real estate and fintech solution CertifID raises $1.7M in seed round financing

    Initial round led by Wakestream Ventures
    Authentication software provider CertifID announced it has raised $1.7 million in its seed round of financing, led by Wakestream Ventures. The company was founded in 2017 by the owners and founders of Sun Title, and entrepreneur Tyler Adams, after Sun Title fell victim to a social engineering fraud scheme that cost the company almost $200,000.
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  • Neptune Flood secures $2 million in seed financing round

    Flood insurance provider planning expansion
    Flood insurance provider Neptune Flood has secured more than $2 million in seed round funding. The investment was led by Trevor Burgess, founder and former CEO of C1 Bank, with participation from existing investor and Neptune’s CEO and co-founder, Jim Albert.
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  • From HW Magazine

    2016 HW Vanguard Award winners

    40 executives leading the mortgage industry
    Amid the potential new direction from the White House, Congress and regulators, leadership in our industry is more important than ever. Which is why HousingWire is proud to present the 40 winners of our 2016 Vanguard award. These leaders from all segments of the mortgage ecosphere demonstrate that our industry is more than capable of meeting the challenges that lie ahead.
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  • This is how HousingWire will celebrate the housing industry's Insiders

    New award program recognizes your company's best-kept secret
    We love executives, but we want to champion the people who are invaluable to companies in a hundred other ways as well. The HW Insiders will recognize the professionals that are central to a company's success — the people everyone knows internally as a critical resource, but who aren't as visible to the industry at large.
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