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    Arch MI

    RateStar expands lenders' origination opportunities in a competitive market

    Will Vickers of Arch MI explains the benefits of the dynamic pricing engine
    With home prices across the country increasing and interest rates also on the rise, lenders are looking for ways to help borrowers afford homeownership. Arch MI RateStar is a dynamic MI pricing solution that expands lenders’ origination opportunities in a competitive market.
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    2018 HW Tech100 Winner: Arch MI

    RateStar's risk-based pricing measures loan-level risk
    Arch MI’s RateStar is the company’s risk-based pricing solution, which measures loan-level risk. Mortgage lenders that use RateStar can compete more effectively in the marketplace and offer eligible buyers more affordable mortgages. RateStar returns a rate quote after a few seconds, and only the lender’s NMLS number is needed to get started.
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  • Executive Conversation: David Gansberg on managing risk under the new DTI ratios

    Arch MI's RateStar continuously responds to changing variables for flexible underwriting
    The expanded DTI requirement has made home ownership opportunities more available for many potential buyers, especially as it applies to eligible loans with down payments as low as 3%. The risk represented by these loans has also increased. Studies have shown that the risk of default for borrowers with DTI ratios between 45% and 50% is higher than for those with a median DTI level of 35%.
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  • Arch MI: Housing affordability is about to get a lot worse

    What happens if interest rate continues increasing
    The Federal Reserve raised interest rates twice this year, and the Fed is estimated to increase rates once more this year, and several more times over the next couple of years. However, if the 30-year mortgage rate increases to 5%, or even 6%, affordability could drop dramatically.
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    How to turn the lifestyle renter into a homeowner

    Lenders and Realtors can partner to educate and offer affordable mortgage solutions
    It’s generally agreed that the economy’s future health depends most of all on the behavior of the largest generation in American history: Millennials. Their consumption patterns have been eagerly analyzed by every business sector, but for many traditional industries, the resulting conclusions are not very comforting.
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    Hot Seat: David Gansberg of Arch MI

    The benefits of a dynamic MI pricing solution in a rising interest rate environment
    With interest rates rising, being able to price MI more precisely gives lenders a significant competitive edge in the this market. For eligible borrowers, RateStar can mean more affordable mortgages with lower monthly payments overall. Millennials will also appreciate how this technology facilitates a personalized evaluation of the risk represented by their individual loan scenarios.
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    2017 HW Tech100 Winner: Arch MI

    RateStar solution offers greater precision in MI pricing
    RateStar, which is available on all devices, provides greater precision in MI pricing, enabling lenders to compete more effectively and offer more affordable mortgages to eligible borrowers. For borrowers, RateStar can mean lower monthly payments.
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  • Arch MI finishes off 2016 with a boom

    Mortgage insurance increases more than 50%
    Arch MI’s strong third quarter results carried into the fourth quarter as the company finished the year off strong. Arch increased its mortgage insurance written just slightly from the previous quarter and by more than 50% from the prior year.
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  • S&P: Private mortgage insurance all set for another banner year

    The good times won't stop there, either
    Why such an upbeat outlook? Well, troubled vintages are winding down in an orderly fashion. Also, recent mortgages are comparatively high credit in terms of underlying quality. And it’s not just for 2017, as S&P predicts private mortgage insurers are set to enjoy robust earnings over the next few years. But, here's the catch.
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