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  • Federal Reserve cuts rate by 0.25%, defying Trump's demand for "Big Interest Rate Drop"

    Central bankers keep their powder dry-ish amid "global developments"
    The Federal Reserve cut its benchmark rate by a quarter percentage in a bid to keep trade wars and the threat of a global recession – what it delicately called “global developments” – from tanking America’s decade-long expansion. President Donald Trump reacted to the decision by tweeting: “Jay Powell and the Federal Reserve Fail Again. No `guts,’ no sense, no vision!”
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  • It stinks to be Powell this week as Fed chairman grapples with Trump’s ire

    Trump tweets Powell and other FOMC members “don’t have a clue”
    Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell will answer questions from reporters following the end of Wednesday’s policy-setting FOMC meeting that’s widely expected to produce a 0.25% rate cut. Watch out. The last time Powell held a press conference, after July’s FOMC meeting, he used two words that spooked investors and cratered the stock market. And, then there’s his boss, President Donald Trump, who is panning his job performance via Twitter.
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  • Janet Yellen: Economy's strong run could last through 2019

    Former Fed chair tells MBA crowd she's cautiously confident in economic stability
    At the MBA Annual on Monday, former Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen told the crowd there are strong indicators that the economy is in a good place. But, she does warn of a few potential flies in the ointment, like overly zealous deregulation, shadow banking and an overheated economy.
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  • Powell defends Fed’s approach to monetary policy

    Expects to continue raising interest rates
    Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell defended the Fed’s current approach to monetary policy in a speech at the Jackson Hole symposium on Friday. In his speech, he outlined the current state of the U.S. economy and expressed his view that, for now, rate hikes will likely continue.
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  • Powell: Housing not the economic driver it once was

    Says housing industry isn’t as big as it once was
    Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell returned to Capitol Hill on Wednesday for this second appearance of the week. During his hearing before the House Committee on Financial Services, Powell explained that the housing industry simply isn’t the economic driver that it once was and actually doesn’t have much pull in monetary policy decision making.
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  • Former Fed chair: Our economy is going off a cliff in 2020

    U.S. getting a stimulus at the wrong moment
    Former Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke confirmed what many experts are already predicting: The next recession is less than two years away. Despite the various reasons economists attribute as the cause for the next recession, they all agree on one thing: it’s just around the corner. Economists expect it will occur by 2020, if not sooner.
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  • Zillow: Experts expect the next recession by 2020

    Here’s what will trigger it
    A recession is on the horizon, according to many experts, and could show its face as soon as the end of this decade. The last recession came as the result of the housing crisis back in 2008, but now the housing market continues to return to its cyclical highs. But it won’t be housing that brings the U.S. back in to a recession this time.
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  • Yellen reiterates rates likely to increase this year

    Will the Fed finally begin normalizing monetary policy?
    Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen reaffirmed in a speech to The City Club of Cleveland that she still expects it will be appropriate later this year to take the first step to raise the federal funds rate. However, in this speech, Yellen includes two things that could restrain economic growth.
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