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  • Federal Reserve cuts rate by 0.25%, defying Trump's demand for "Big Interest Rate Drop"

    Central bankers keep their powder dry-ish amid "global developments"
    The Federal Reserve cut its benchmark rate by a quarter percentage in a bid to keep trade wars and the threat of a global recession – what it delicately called “global developments” – from tanking America’s decade-long expansion. President Donald Trump reacted to the decision by tweeting: “Jay Powell and the Federal Reserve Fail Again. No `guts,’ no sense, no vision!”
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  • It stinks to be Powell this week as Fed chairman grapples with Trump’s ire

    Trump tweets Powell and other FOMC members “don’t have a clue”
    Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell will answer questions from reporters following the end of Wednesday’s policy-setting FOMC meeting that’s widely expected to produce a 0.25% rate cut. Watch out. The last time Powell held a press conference, after July’s FOMC meeting, he used two words that spooked investors and cratered the stock market. And, then there’s his boss, President Donald Trump, who is panning his job performance via Twitter.
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  • Fed almost certain to cut rates in September

    Fed Chair Jerome Powell says he will act “as appropriate”
    The Federal Reserve is expected to cut rates once again when the Federal Open Markets Committee meets in September. Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell responded that the Fed would act “as appropriate” in order to maintain the current economic expansion.
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  • Powell: Economy in favorable place in face of significant risks

    The three eras of monetary policy
    The economy today is thriving with economic expansion entering its 11th year and becoming the longest on record, and Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell explained this is despite significant risks. Powell said that history since World War II can be divided into three eras, and explains what we can learn from each.
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  • Federal Reserve poised to reduce its benchmark rate

    President Trump tweets: "A small rate cut is not enough"
    The world’s most powerful central bank is poised to cut its benchmark rate for the first time since 2008, with most investors expecting a quarter-percentage-point reduction. It’s not likely to satisfy a certain resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C., based on Monday morning tweets. "The Fed has made all of the wrong moves. A small rate cut is not enough, but we will win anyway!" President Donald Trump said on Twitter.
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  • Future markets indicate a 0.25% cut at July Fed meeting

    Trump’s intended Fed nominee pushes for bigger reduction
    Traders in futures markets have signaled a 77.5% probability of a quarter percentage point cut at next week’s Federal Reserve meeting and a 22.5% chance of a half percentage point cut, according to the CME’s FedWatch tool. In an unusual move, Trump’s intended nominee for Fed board is pushing for the bigger reduction.
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  • Fed Chairman Powell tells Congress he would ignore Trump if fired

    “I fully intend to serve,” the nation’s top central banker said
    Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell told Congress on Wednesday that he wouldn’t leave his post as the nation’s top central banker even if President Donald Trump fired him. Any whiff of instability at the top of the nation’s banking system could cause rates to rise as mortgage-bond investors seek additional compensation for perceived risk.
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  • Federal Reserve leaves rates unchanged, stresses patience

    Says U.S. economic growth is "solid"
    For the first time in recent months, the Federal Reserve said Wednesday it would leave interest rates unchanged and, as expected, vowed to be "patient" in its evaluation of the economy's health. Following a two-day meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell said it expects continued economic growth and that the "case for raising rates has weakened."
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