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  • Consumer optimism sees slight uptick in April

    Partisan divide subsides significantly
    Consumer optimism edged up slightly in April, but not quite as high as the beginning of the month. Independents are more confident in the economy, and Republicans and Democrats are beginning to converge as the partisan divide slowly heals.
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  • More Americans optimistic about economic future – except Democrats

    Survey shows Democrats believe recession is imminent
    Consumer confidence increased once again at the beginning of March. In fact, all signs of optimism in the market are up, with the exception of one demographic. Democrats optimism is so low it signals the economy is soon to move into a recession, according to the Survey of Consumers from the University of Michigan.
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  • Home of Cards? Politics drives housing in weird ways

    Surprising ways that personal politics shapes housing decisions
    With apologies to Re-Flex, the politics of housing that we normally talk about involves GSE reform, housing finance priorities, federal regulations and so on. But politics very much enters into the consumer side of housing, too, in ways you can't imagine.
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