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  • Capital One to lay off another 286 employees

    Company continues its exit from the mortgage lending space
    Capital One is planning to lay off 286 employees from its Plano, Texas, campus as it continues to close its mortgage lending and home equity operations. According to the Dallas Business Journal, the exit is a result of the rising interest rate environment and high home prices freezing homebuyer demand.
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  • Amazon rumored to be looking for big bank partner

    Are mortgages close behind?
    Online shopping giant Amazon may be looking to get into the mortgage lending business, or at least that's the rumor among mortgage lending professionals. While limited in scope, Amazon's plans are to start with offering checking programs first, then maybe move into the debt product space after. Here's the latest.
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  • Capital One consumer direct lending team finds new home at Flagstar

    Rocky Stubbs takes team from Capital One to Flagstar
    When Capital One suddenly announced last year that it planned to exit its mortgage and home equity originations business, not much was known about what would happen to the more than 900 employees that would be laid off as a result of Capital One’s decision. Well, it turns out that a small percentage of those employees will be moving over to Flagstar Bank.
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  • Capital One suddenly exits mortgage and home equity business

    Says mortgage business is too competitive
    Capital One announced Tuesday it is exiting the mortgage and home equity business immediately, just a few years after becoming a major player in the mortgage finance market. The sudden move will mean about 900 layoffs across the division, the majority of whom are in the Dallas area. Click the headline to see why Capital One says it’s leaving the mortgage industry.
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  • From HW Magazine

    Digital disruption: How consumer demand is pushing lenders to a new normal

    Do legacy lenders or tech startups have the advantage?
    Saddled with legacy systems and burdened with changing regulations, the mortgage industry has been slow to adopt digitization compared to many other industries. Now, however, the industry must provide more transparency to regulators and satisfy consumers while managing tighter margins. In this perfect storm, there’s only one lifeboat — a digital process.
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  • Former CFPB deputy director reportedly joining Capital One

    Meredith Fuchs will serve as SVP and chief counsel on regulatory issues
    Meredith Fuchs, who recently stepped down as acting deputy director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, is joining Capital One as the bank’s senior vice president and chief counsel on regulatory issues, according to a report from The Hill.
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  • Guess how many bank CEOs made Glassdoor’s list of the highest rated CEOs?

    Here's a hint…not many
    For those who don’t know, Glassdoor is a website where a company’s employees (and former employees) can leave anonymous reviews of the company and tell other employees (or prospective employees) what it’s really like to work there. So how many bank CEOs made the top 50 in Glassdoor’s 2015 list of the highest rated CEOs? Not very many as it turns out.
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