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  • MIT grad’s new housing theory upsets Piketty’s work

    And economists think his points are valid
    A recent MIT graduate’s new paper puts up one of the greatest critiques to Thomas Piketty’s book “Capital in the Twenty-First Century,” which is renowned as one of the most influential books in history. And one the paper’s main points that is gaining ground: Housing’s role in growing returns on capital.
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  • Is real estate the key to wealth?

    Exploring the inequality of benefitting from one form of capital
    The inequality in the accumulation of wealth is due to a growth in the value of real estate, while other forms of capital could not record a similar growth. At least that is what Quartz’s Tim Fernholz argues.
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  • Economist Thomas Piketty has a housing problem

    3 French economists say housing Marx another mistake for Piketty
    Most critics have pointed out the fundamental problems in French economist Thomas Piketty’s research and conclusions, as well as his methodology, but what about the problem Piketty has with housing?
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