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  • Low down payment mortgages can compete in today's market

    Redfin advice to sellers: "The highest offer is not necessarily the best"
    Despite the growing prominence of low down payment mortgages, first-time homebuyers believe they need to put 20% down to compete in today’s market. The market is changing though, and a new survey of real estate agents shows that low down payment mortgages can and do compete. Sellers are even recognizing this.
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  • From HW Magazine

    The new economists

    How new economic models and voices are shaking up the status quo
    People are listening to real estate economists today in a way that anyone who covered the industry a decade or more ago would not recognize. Smoke is one of the members of this new wave of real estate economists. In fact, Smoke is actually the newest one on the block. The upstart economists at places like Trulia and Zillow are still new, Smoke is just the latest player to join the game.
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  • Redfin: Finding balance in mortgage credit standards

    Not too tight or too loose
    Before the financial crisis, the average FICO score hovered near 708. During the crisis, in 2007, the average came in around 693. Now in 2014, the average FICO is much higher, posting an average of 744 for Fannie and 742 from Freddie. So what is the perfect balance?
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