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  • CoreLogic: Mortgage lending just got riskier

    Market shifts to investor loans
    During the second quarter this year, the risk in mortgage lending inched up as the market shifted toward an increased share of investor loans. And while mortgage risk remains at the 2001 to 2003 benchmark level, it has been increasing since 2016, and if the trend continues, could soon surpass these levels.
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  • Mortgage risk increases come to a halt after 7 months

    Default and fraud risk still up 20% from last year
    Mortgage risk for defects and fraud halted in its downward trend in July for the first time after seven months of increases. First American explained one month does not create a trend, so it will be important to see if the market reached a turning point in the long-run trend of increasing defect risk.
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  • Mortgage risk increases for 7th consecutive month

    Risking rates and tight inventory trigger rise in defect risk
    Mortgage lending became riskier for the seventh consecutive month in June as the market continued to shift toward purchase loans and away from refinances. First American analyzed the top five riskiest markets for mortgage lending.
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  • Here are the top 5 marketing risks for mortgage loan officers

    What does your outbound message look like?
    Loan officers face risks in how and when they perform their marketing—specifically, their outbound marketing—and it has a very strong impact on their pipelines and their company’s bottom line. Fortunately, there’s good news here. The biggest and most common outbound marketing risks are controllable.
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  • National mortgage risk index up slightly in July

    Risk has increased every month since January 2014
    The risk grows even as increasing leverage in a seller’s market is pushing up real home prices, moving the goal post further away for many aspiring low- and middle-income homebuyers. Here’s why it’s not a good trend.
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  • First-time buyer share and mortgage risk grow

    AEI: Risk for freshman buyers hits series high
    The Combined FBMSI, which measures the share of first-time buyers for both government-guaranteed and private-sector mortgages, stood at an estimated 52.2%, up from 51.2% and 51.8% respectively in April 2014 and 2013.
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