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  • From HW Magazine

    The mortgage industry's digital future

    It's a great time to ask questions and rethink the way things have been done for generations
    Digital technology has disrupted businesses and industries from publishing to public transportation, so can the mortgage industry be far behind?  Actually, anyone who’s applied for a mortgage recently will have recognized that things are already changing fast.
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  • Deciphering eJargon: Moving past the buzzwords

    Strategically understanding the world of “e”
    [Expert commentary] When it comes to understanding the jargon and buzz that surround the world of digital transformation, the world of “e” can certainly seem like learning a new language. Here is a primer for moving past the confusing buzzwords and terminology associated with the digital transformation – and how to take action.
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  • Is your company leading the technology revolution? Prove it

    Deadline quickly approaching for entry in HousingWire tech awards
    The technological revolution is happening, right now. Here at HousingWire, we see that innovation happening and feel it deserves some serious kudos. The shouting it from the rooftops kind, to be exact. It’s in that spirit that HousingWire honors the most innovative innovators who’ve innovated in the most innovative ways in the last year.
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  • Lake Tahoe real estate deal breaks the bank... in bitcoin

    Bitcoin purchase trumps Bali villa as largest on record
    The record for the most expensive real estate purchase to be paid for in Bitcoin lasted all of five months. In March, a fully managed villa in Bali, Indonesia sold for more than $500,000 in bitcoin. Now, a Lake Tahoe community shattered that record with a sale of a 1.4-acre parcel of land.
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  • Ginnie Mae ditches paper and goes electronic application

    Electronic filing to start very soon
    Ginnie Mae, the only issuer of government-backed mortgage bonds, announced it is moving away from paper-based issuer applications to an all-electronic system. As of September 1, all applicants will be required to file electronically, via the Application Connection.
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  • From HW Magazine

    Malicious intent

    Mortgage companies face security threats from within and without
    It's been a bad year for data breaches, and it seems like it will only be a matter of time before a data breach, on the scale of the Target breach, hits a mortgage firm. And considering the depth and breadth of personal information gathered on each and every borrower, the headline risk, not to mention the impact on mortgage customers' lives, could be far more explosive than what the retail giant felt.
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