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  • Fed looks to eliminate pass/fail for bank stress tests

    To take volatility out of financial markets
    The Federal Reserve is looking to take volatility out of the financial markets by changing the rules of stress tests on big banks, and eliminating the pass or fail grades. The Fed would replace the pass or fail grade with simply giving banks a capital ratio that the lender must meet during the following year.
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  • Servicers: Here’s how you can control mounting operation costs

    How to use technology to manage costs
    Servicers face mounting operational costs due to increasing compliance. But while compliance costs are necessary, there are other ways to use technology to reduce inefficiencies in the process. A panel of experts at MBA’s National Mortgage Servicing Conference in Dallas explain how technology can help.
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  • From HW Magazine

    LenderLive partners with lenders and servicers for compliant outsourced solutions

    Delivers confidence, control and transparency
    As compliance costs rise and regulators turn their attention to policing new standards, companies are evaluating all their options. By partnering with LenderLive, a premier services provider, financial companies can take advantage of LenderLive investments in compliance expertise, highly-qualified talent and technology, and benefit from its scale and best practices.
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  • 3 endgames for nonbank servicers in regulatory spotlight

    S&P sees three possible scenarios for Ocwen, Nationstar, Walter
    Standard & Poor’s Rating Services primary credit analyst Stephen Lynch says that while it's difficult to predict what may result from such regulatory scrutiny and related actions, he sees three potential scenarios arising, each of which may differ in their impact on the creditworthiness of U.S. nonbank mortgage servicers.
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