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  • Majority of nation's housing markets have now recovered from housing recession

    But 25% of America's metros have yet to see significant improvement
    As home price appreciation strengthens across the country, a report from HSH suggests home prices have now returned to pre-recession highs in a majority of the nation’s largest housing markets. According to the company’s index, 75% of America’s largest housing markets achieved full home price recovery in the second quarter of 2019. However, the remaining 25% have yet to see significant improvement.
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  • CoreLogic: Lack of housing inventory drives home prices up 3.6% in July

    The company projects home prices to increase by 5.4% come July 2020
    In July, home prices climbed by 3.6% from the previous year, according to CoreLogic's latest Home Price Forecast. CoreLogic's Chief Economist Frank Nothaft said if the nation's interest rates continue to fall and incomes rise further, then the company expects home-price growth will strengthen over the coming year.
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  • LendingTree: Number of workers per household is growing as Americans combat rising home prices

    Salt Lake City ranks as the top metro with the highest average number of workers per household
    Although the nation’s employment rate has risen to new highs within the last couple of years, wages haven't kept pace with home-price growth, leaving many homeowners struggling to afford housing. So, how are these Americans making ends meet? LendingTree’s latest analysis revealed that there is a direct correlation between the rising cost of living and the increasing number of workers per household.
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  • July’s sluggish home price growth highlights tension between the nation’s buyers and sellers

    The average American home listing price rose 5.5% to $315,000 in July
    The average American home listing price rose 5.5% to $315,000 in July, according to’s Housing Trend Report. Although this rate is only 0.2% down from June, it’s a significant decrease from the 8.7% growth during the same time period in 2018. George Ratiu,’s senior economist said July’s data highlights tension between buyers eager to take advantage of lower mortgage rates and potential sellers concerned about slowing price growth.
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  • Wages aren't keeping pace with home-price growth, and it's putting a dent in the housing market

    Most U.S. markets out of reach for would-be homebuyers
    A good real estate agent might tell you that the general rule of thumb when buying a home is to follow a price-to-income ratio of 2.6, meaning that if you can afford the price of the home on 2.6 years’ worth of household income, it can be considered affordable. But for homebuyers in most parts of the country, that 2.6 threshold is far out of reach, according to a recent study by Clever Real Estate.
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  • Average home seller saw 34% return on their investment in Q2

    Pocketed $67,500 from their home's sale
    Homes may be appreciating more slowly than before, but homeowners are still rolling in the equity, realizing significant returns when they opt to sell. On average, home sellers saw a 33.9% return on their investment in the second quarter of 2010. That translates to a $67,500 profit on the sale of their home, according to the latest report from ATTOM Data Solutions.
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  • [Pulse] Here's what New York real estate will look like in the year ahead

    Nation's largest real estate market expected to be flat in 2020
    With an estimated population more than 20 million, the New York-Northern New Jersey-Long Island Metropolitan Statistical Area is by far the nation's largest metro – nearly 50% larger than the runner-up. That also means that this metro, home to one in 16 Americans, is the nation's largest real estate market. So, what's happening in this market is perhaps a snapshot of things to come for the rest of the nation’s major markets. Sadly, it doesn't look great.
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  • Homeowners are more realistic about their home's value

    Gap between appraised values and homeowners' expectations finally narrows
    It seems homeowners are finally coming to terms with the fact that their properties aren’t appreciating like they used to. The difference between an appraiser’s value estimate and a homeowner’s expectations has narrowed as owners come to accept a slower rate of home-price growth, according to the latest Quicken Loans Home Price Perceptions Index.
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  • Fitch: Home price growth slowest in 7 years

    Slows "from a gallop to a trot"
    Home price growth has clearly slowed down in recent months as the housing market cools after a near six-year hot streak. Now, a report released by Fitch Ratings this week details just how much the market has slowed, and predicts where prices will go from here.
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