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  • The double-sided housing recovery in Nashville

    Pro Teck: Where's the housing inventory?
    Nashville managed to stay afloat throughout the finance crisis despite similar metros across the country crashing. But can the city keep up with its now growing economy? Pro Teck Valuation Services spotlights Nashville’s current recovery, highlighting that the city is falling into an affordability crisis.
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  • Struggling housing markets use high LTVs to their benefit

    10 best and bottom housing markets
    While cities like Detroit and Cleveland are not recovering as well as the rest of the country, they are benefitting from higher loan-to-value ratios. And when this is combined with other credit safeguards, the struggling cities should be able to pick themselves back up onto their feet again.
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  • Is Detroit really the hottest housing market right now?

    Top and bottom 10 housing markets
    "While Detroit has seen healthy gains this year, the Home Value Forecast rating system shows that Detroit is still a soft market," said Tom O'Grady, CEO of Pro Teck Valuation Services. "Although examining one indicator is helpful, it's important to analyze several home price indicators to best understand the health of a real estate market."
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