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  • Higher-End Housing Moves Buyers in SoCal, Bay Area

    Improvements in mortgage availability and the belief that prices have hit rock bottom has buyers moving in the Southern California and the San Diego Bay area, according to La Jolla-based data analyzer MDA DataQuick. In So Cal, buyers are responding to price cuts on mid- to high-end homes and the availability of credit for pricier homes. There were a 23,262 total new and existing homes and condo sales completed in San Diego, Orange, Los Angeles, Ventura, Riverside and San Bernardino counties in June, up 12% from May.
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  • Who Gets the Foreclosure Count Right?

    If you haven't waded through the default industry waters before, you might be surprised to see the vehemence with which different data companies argue the validity of their numbers. RealtyTrac,,, and many -- many -- more. All will BRISTLE at even the slightest hint their numbers are wrong. Yet someone's are. Why? Because nobody has the same numbers, often not even close. The LA Times waded into these murky waters this past weekend:
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