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  • Citigroup invests in digital mortgage company Better Mortgage

    Citi becomes latest big name to fund mortgage tech startup
    The investors in digital mortgage company and 2018 HW Tech100 winner Better Mortgage are a veritable who’s who of the finance space. And there's a new big name joining that list. Better announced Thursday that Citigroup is investing in the company, joining Goldman Sachs and American Express among Better's backers.
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  • Better Mortgage raises $70 million, led by American Express

    Digital mortgage company now operating in 30 states
    Digital mortgage company and 2018 HW Tech100 winner Better Mortgage already boasts one of the biggest names in financial services as one of its backers: Goldman Sachs. And now, another financial giant is jumping on board. Better Mortgage announced Thursday that it raised $70 million in its Series C funding round, which was led by American Express Ventures and the Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan.
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  • TARP Repayment Line Grows

    As the deadline for capital plans under the government's stress test requirements approaching, the line of banks jostling toward the TARP exit sign grows. Additionally, three large institutions, Goldman Sachs [stock GS][/stock], JP Morgan Chase [stock JPM][/stock] and Morgan Stanley [stock MS][/stock] are the subjects of the newest reports circulating around possible TARP repayments.
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  • Stress Tests End; Raising Money Begins

    The wait is over. Stress test results reveal nine of the nation's 19 largest banks successfully endured the government's testing and will not require any additional capital, while the other 10 banks must boost capital levels by a collective total of $74.6bn, in order to comply with government standards, said the Federal Reserve this afternoon. Bank of America [stock BAC][/stock] stands the front-runner, requiring $33.9bn in fresh capital, followed by Wells Fargo [stock WFC][/stock] who must raise $13.7bn in new capital.
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  • New Service Touts Mortgage Payments by Credit Card

    If borrowers can pay their mortgage via credit card, will they? One company, San Francisco-based ChargeSmart LLC, is betting that the answer is "yes." The company, whose service also targets auto and student loans as well as utility bills, said Wednesday morning that it will allow borrowers to pay their mortgage via a Visa or MasterCard through a network of more than 4,000 billers across the United States.
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  • Is Paying Your Mortgage With a Credit Card a Good Idea?

    American Banker ran an interesting story today (subscription required) about the emergence of credit card payments as an option for settling borrowers' monthly mortgage payments -- a story that I'd first blogged about way back in May when American Express was piloting a credit card payment program of its own with American Home and Indymac.
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