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  • Mr. Cooper launching mortgage-linked credit card

    Rewards customers with cash back applied to mortgage principal balance
    Mr. Cooper, the nonbank that officially left the name Nationstar behind on Monday, is already the most unique name in the mortgage business. As part of the company’s rebranding efforts, Mr. Cooper rolled out a number of features designed to improve its customers’ experience with the nonbank. But one of the features the company is rolling out is something almost unheard of in the mortgage business – a mortgage-linked credit card.
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  • Citi keeps moving away from the mortgage business

    Credit cards are where it's at
    Citicorp net income increased to $3.5 billion, from $2.8 billion in the prior year period, primarily driven by the higher revenues as well as lower operating expenses and lower cost of credit. However, this isn't due to expansion in the mortgage market.
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  • Wealthier Americans mean a bigger bond market

    More liquidity means more debt
    The Federal Reserve published its latest report on U.S. household wealth, which shows that even while Americans are getting more wealthy, they are also taking on a lot more debt. This is great news for the bond market since, more and more, these auto loans, student loans and credit cards are finding their way into the bond market.
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  • Home Depot confirms massive credit card data breach

    Breach began in April, stretched into September
    The company said that anyone who used a debit or credit card at its U.S. or Canadian stores since April may have had their data stolen. The company said that its investigation into the breach is still ongoing.
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  • Home Depot may be victim of ginormous credit card data breach

    Many times larger than Target?
    The report states that a massive batch of stolen credit and debit cards went on sale in the “cybercrime underground” on Tuesday morning and that multiple banks are reporting that they are seeing evidence that the stolen credit data may have come from Home Depot stores.
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  • Could new securitizations lead to identity theft?

    That's the slippery slope of new regulation
    Securitization is already believed by many to be the big, bad tool Wall Street used to derail the global economy, seemingly and inexplicably on purpose. So this blog probably isn't going to help assuage the rage in those believers.
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  • TARP bank exec charged with bank fraud

    Official also charged with money laundering to pay off personal finances
    "TARP was designed to provide support to our nation’s banks and financial system during a time of crisis, not to provide a personal bailout for bank insiders to support their spending habits," says Special Inspector General for TARP Christy Romero.
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  • 1m UK Borrowers Using Credit Cards for Mortgages

    More than 1m borrowers in the United Kingdom are exchanging mortgage debt for plastic, according to a recent poll by housing charity Shelter England. Survey results published Monday revealed 6% of respondents liable for rent or mortgage said they paid by credit card at some point in the last 12 months, indicating a national figure of more than 1m, Shelter said.
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  • New Service Touts Mortgage Payments by Credit Card

    If borrowers can pay their mortgage via credit card, will they? One company, San Francisco-based ChargeSmart LLC, is betting that the answer is "yes." The company, whose service also targets auto and student loans as well as utility bills, said Wednesday morning that it will allow borrowers to pay their mortgage via a Visa or MasterCard through a network of more than 4,000 billers across the United States.
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