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  • ISGN to Rebrand MortgageHub, Dynatek

    ISGN Technologies, Ltd., a mortgage technology provider, said Thursday that it is re-branding its flagship origination platforms MortgageHub and Dynatek, along with other companies owned by the Pennsylvania-based firm. The company said it will pursue a so-called unified branding strategy, renaming MortgageHub and Dynatek as ISGN; the company's offshoring platform, Inuva, and its doc prep/fulfillment provider, Tradewinds, will be known as ISGN Fulfillment Services. An inspection and risk mitigation company, Cocamar, will be rebranded as ISGN Inspection Services.
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  • Offshoring Conglomerate On Mortgage Tech Buying Spree

    A company by the name of ISGN Technologies, Ltd. -- don't worry, I hadn't heard of them until very recently, either -- is apparently on a buying spree in the mortgage industry, announcing this morning that it had purchased Dynatek for an undisclosed sum. Dynatek's MORvision automated underwriting system is the software company's core asset.
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