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  • Senator Perdue: Rogue CFPB creates new rules and regulations at whim

    Introduces bill to rein in “malicious financial policy”
    A U.S. Senator introduced a bill Tuesday that would greatly rein in the power and budget of the CFPB, an agency he says is more interested in protecting itself than protecting consumers. It pairs with a House bill that would bring the same accountability. Here's what's happening in Congress right now.
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  • GOP wants CFPB merged with other regulators

    Democrats think cost-benefit analysis is 'dangerous'
    The House Financial Services Committee hearing on the economic consequences of regulatory rulemaking and enforcement got heated because Democrats don't want cost-benefit analysis and Republicans want to merge regulators and bring them under Congressional oversight.
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  • Bill would force full transparency at CFPB

    Congressman: Why does CFPB think it's like the CIA?
    A Congressman is introducing a bill to open the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau up to face the same scrutiny as every single other commission, regulatory body and government body in Washington, D.C.
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  • House passes CFPB reform bill

    Dramatic bureau overhaul goes to Senate
    The Consumer Financial Freedom and Washington Accountability Act, sponsored by House Financial Services Committee member Rep. Sean Duffy, R-Wisc., passed on a largely party line vote Thursday evening.
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