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  • As REO Inventory Grows, Vendors Jockey For Position

    REO is hot. Make that super hot. As foreclosures have soared, so have the number of properties owned by banks and now on the market to be resold; and that means the companies looking to help lenders sell their REO are facing astronomical growth rates, too, to say nothing of the local listing agents and brokers in the REO space. But that growth has also made the market to help sell institutionally-owned homes ripe for entry -- and two such new entrants underscore the big draw that selling REOs now has.
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  • REO Tech Provider Sees Historic Growth as Bank-Owned Properties Swell

    Selling REO is big business these days; the firms that specialize in the business of managing, listing and selling bank-owned real estate assets have been flooded with new assets as foreclosures nationwide have soared in the past 12 months. And while many origination tech providers are scrambling to integrate and partner up in an effort to weather the current storm, many technology providers that specialize in the oft-hidden (and often ignored) default servicing segment have hit their proverbial end-of-the-rainbow.
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  • Foreclosure, Default, Delinquency, REO -- All Mixed Up

    If I've learned anything from reading the often wildly-entertaining posts by Tanta over at Calculated Risk, it's that she doesn't tolerate fools very well. And the thing is, very few people really understand the inner workings of the mortgage servicing industry in particular -- which means anyone at a major media outlet attempting to write about the mortgage market these days is pretty much bound to come off looking like a fool to any of us who have actually worked in the industry before.
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