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  • The truth about a housing "recovery" in 2015

    Lynn Effinger looks into his crystal ball
    With a virtual plethora of articles appearing in 2014 throughout the “regular” media, the blogosphere, and various other venues regarding the strength or weakness in our economy, one could surmise that there is a clear trend. One expert says that, yes, there is a trend, but it is not a positive one.
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  • Lynn Effinger joins RIO Genesis

    Will become senior vice president of institutional services
    Industry veteran and frequent HousingWire contributor Lynn Effinger has joined the management team at RIO Genesis Software Solutions as the company’s new senior vice president of institutional services.
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  • Not all lenders think HELOCs are the next bubble

    Rates set to reset, HELOC demand on the rise
    As the wave of resets for home equity lines of credit continues to rise, many homeowners are left with higher monthly mortgage payments. But the industry is divided on the past and future problems that come with HELOCs.
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  • Effinger: The reality behind NAR’s spin on home sales

    It's better to educate consumers
    Following HousingWire reporter Trey Garrison’s piece “4 charts show the phony thrill of existing home sales,” Lynn Effinger argues that NAR and other trade associations involved in the industry need to spend less time spinning and more time educating consumers.
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  • No, it's not that bad: It's worse

    All indicators point down unless you want to metricize hope and spin
    This year is already one-third in the books, and everyone is waiting for that fabled “pent-up housing demand” to announce its presence. But if it’s coming, it’s taking its sweet time.
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  • Here's why investors are flooding into REO-to-rental

    Makes good dollars and sense
    In less than two years the REO-to-rental concept on a large scale has grown from what many real estate professionals and mortgage servicing industry experts believed would be at best a flash-in-the-pan fad or worse a crash-and-burn exercise in futility, to become a growing new asset class.
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  • Lynn Effinger joins ZVN Properties

    Hired as EVP of business development
    ZVN Properties hired Lynn Effinger to serve the company as executive vice president of business development, where he brings a wealth of diverse experience in positions at companies like Great Western Bank, Washington Mutual and Citicorp Trust Bank.
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