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  • Mortgage delinquency keeps falling, drops for 19th straight quarter

    But one generation shows higher delinquency levels than the rest
    The mortgage market performed well in the first quarter of 2018, seeing the 19th consecutive decrease in annual mortgage delinquencies. And while mortgage delinquencies dropped for all generational groups, one generation stands above the rest as having a higher serious delinquency rate.
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  • TransUnion: Mortgage delinquencies reach lowest level since recession

    New mortgage account balances reverse trend, decrease
    The serious mortgage delinquency rate decreased in the final quarter of 2017 to the lowest point since the Great Recession. TransUnion explained this largely reflects recession-era defaults having worked their way out of the system and recent originations being underwritten to a very high standard.
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  • TransUnion: Mortgage delinquency rates hit lowest point since recession

    Which generation is best at paying their mortgage
    Serious mortgage delinquency rates continue to drop to new post-recession lows, which TransUnion said indicates there may be opportunities to responsibly expand access. A deeper look into the delinquency rates shows one generation stands out with the highest delinquency rate – and it’s not Millennials.
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  • Mortgage delinquency rate hits 5-year record low

    TransUnion: Rate drops below 4%
    The mortgage delinquency rate broke a five-year record, and for the eighth consecutive quarter, it dropped below 4%. But at the same time, mortgage delinquencies continue to be twice as high as levels observed prior to the housing bubble.
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