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  • [Pulse] Washington needs to rescue community lenders it created

    Why strengthening the CDFI program will help solve the mortgage and credit challenges facing underserved communities
    Two decades ago, policymakers created Community Development Financial Institutions, or CDFIs, to bring lending to underserved communities. Now, steps must be taken to strengthen the CDFI program as a critical step to solve the mortgage and credit challenges facing this demographic. Here’s what needs to be done, and why taking action should be a no-brainer.
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  • Where is the disconnect between the CFPB and community banks and credit unions?

    Different messages coming across the wire
    [Commentary] CFPB Director Richard Cordray once again stood before an audience and slammed anyone who claimed the bureau’s regulations are killing banks. He specifically highlighted the success of credit unions and community lenders as groups benefitting from the bureau’s regulations. And yet, associations advocating for each of those groups vocalize opposite messages. So what’s really going on?
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  • Community lenders renew call to allow Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac to rebuild capital

    GSEs reported combined net income of more than $5 billion in 3rd quarter
    In the wake of both of the government-sponsored enterprises reporting multi-billion dollar profits in the third quarter, the Community Home Lenders Association is renewing its call to allow Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae to rebuild capital, saying an additional draw from the Treasury could lead to a restriction of mortgage credit availablity.
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  • Community lenders: We should be exempt from CFPB exams and primary enforcement, too

    Just like most banks already are
    The Community Home Lenders Association believes that small non-bank mortgage lenders should be exempt from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's exams and primary enforcement, just as most banks already are. Here, the organization explains why and discusses why that exemption would help small lenders better serve consumers.
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  • Why are there almost no new banks since the crisis?

    Dallas Fed: Regulations are crushing community lenders
    In the aftermath of the economic crisis of the late 2000s, the federal government passed a number of sweeping laws that irrevocably changed the financial landscape of this country, but just how much?
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  • Community lender confidential: Why TRID is far worse than anyone thought

    “This is biggest event in my 23 years. And that includes the market crash.”
    In order to get an understanding for just how far apart the CFPB’s opinion of TRID is from the industry itself, especially away from Wall Street, HousingWire conducted a series of interviews, delivered here in longform, with community lenders about how TRID is impacting their mortgage business. Warning: the news isn’t good.
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  • Freddie Mac announces partnership with The Mortgage Collaborative

    GSE to offer benefits to mortgage lending cooperative’s members
    Freddie Mac announced a partnership with The Mortgage Collaborative, an independent mortgage lending network of small, mid-sized and community-based lenders, that will help the group’s members build better businesses and compete more effectively in today's dynamic mortgage market.
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  • How community banks will reign in 2014

    Small banks stay well positioned for success, Freddie says
    Despite some small lenders choosing to shut the door on small lending, Freddie Mac explained that community banks might have just the right kind of leverage to succeed in 2014’s lending environment.
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