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  • MBA lobbyist: Here's what a Democrat-led House means to us

    One expert offers insight on what the finance industry is saying
    On Tuesday night, Democrats reclaimed control of the House of Representatives, securing more than 200 seats across the country. As more Democrats head to the House, one expert predicts they will focus their efforts on protecting consumer interests and banking regulations.
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  • Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Number of borrowers with refi incentive plummets

    Are you prepared for midterm elections
    Amid rising interest rates, the latest data from Black Knight shows more than half of homeowners who entered the year with an incentive to refinance their mortgage have since lost it. And do you know what your candidate’s views are on issues surrounding housing, finance and other areas that are important for you? Here’s how to find out.
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  • Another New York real estate developer admits to meddling with local elections

    Pleads guilty to trying to influence election to advance construction projects
    A few weeks ago, Kenneth Nakdimen, a New York real estate developer admitted in court that he tried to interfere with a local election, including using fake voters, to try to advance stalled construction projects. And Tuesday, one of Nakdimen’s co-conspirators, Shalom Lamm, pleaded guilty to similar charges for his role in trying to sway a mayoral election in Bloomingburg, New York.
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  • New York real estate developer admits to interfering with local elections

    Attempted to sway election with fake voters to advance construction projects
    A New York real estate developer admitted that he meddled in a local election, including using fake voters, all to advance stalled construction projects. According to court documents, when Kenneth Nakdimen ran into local resistance, he and others attempted to influence the local electoral process by falsely registering voters and paying bribes to voters who would help elect public officials who were favorable to their construction project.
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  • Summer housing market remains intense in Northwest

    Struggling with decreasing inventory
    Sales are up in the Northwest, but they are still being constrained by the low inventory, which is less than half of a balanced market supply. The forthcoming election is causing confusion, distraction and frustration with potential negative impacts for the fourth quarter.
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  • [video] MBA CEO: Here's why a new president is pivotal for housing

    Now that the housing crisis is over, what will the next president accomplish?
    The Democratic and Republican national conventions are officially wrapped. At both conventions, MBA President and CEO Dave Stevens said the Mortgage Bankers Association hosted panels with members of Congress to stress the importance of housing for the next administration. Stevens noted that we’ve spent the last eight years with an administration that dealt with a recession. So what will happen during the next four years?
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  • TARP creator: You can't just let all banks fail (even though you want to)

    Neel Kashkari, yes Neel Kashkari, is running for California governor
    The mastermind behind the Troubled Asset Relief Program, Neel Kashkari, is attempting to step into a new role and is running in the 2014 election for California governor. And while there are mixed attitudes about TARP, Kashkari sees it as a sign he can help run the Golden State.
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