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  • Bloomberg: There's never been a president this unpopular with an economy this good

    Donald Trump's popularity numbers are in the dumps despite a strong economy
    According to an analysis by Alexandre Tanzi and Rich Miller at Bloomberg, no president has ever been this unpopular when the economy has been this good. Typically, a strong economy bodes well for the party in control at the time, but Republicans are having to fight to suppress displeasure with Trump and play up the great economy to voters as the midterms loom large.
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  • New York Times: Housing affordability issue is getting worse, government continues to reduce aid

    Ben Carson, Trump administration appear committed to reducing housing assistance
    In the face of the growing housing affordability crisis, HUD Secretary Ben Carson and the Trump administration are holding course on their proposed reduction of housing assistance. According to the New York Times, local housing authorities are feeling the squeeze and as many as three out of four eligible applicants for housing vouchers are being turned away.
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  • Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Reuters publishes hit piece on Invitation Homes

    Plus a $1 billion listing, dwindling numbers of homeowners in the City of Angels and more
    Alright, alright, alright. It’s that time again. Monday is upon us and we’re serving up another round of Monday Morning Cup of Coffee. There’s drama in the single-family rental market after Reuters dropped a bombshell report on the largest single-family home landlord in the nation, Invitation Homes, detailing numerous allegations of neglect and sketchy business practices.
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  • HUD to landlords: Rent to ex-convicts

    Or else face the consequences
    The Department of Housing and Urban Development released its revised guidance, addressing how landlords who have blanket bans on renting to people with criminal records are in violation of the Fair Housing Act and can be sued.
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  • The New York Times rambles, and mangles mortgages along the way

    Mortgage finance and mortgage regulation aren’t the paper’s strong suits

    Reading the New York Times is a great intellectual exercise because you get to read news articles and say to yourself, “Hmm. That’s interesting. I wonder if it’s true?” Today in the financial section, though, was an opinion piece on mortgage financing that had me instead asking, “Do you even English, New York Times?”

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  • Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Housing walks a tightrope

    Housing 2014: Finance challenges, pricey houses, mixed gov't messages
    The rest of 2014 is going to be a challenge for homebuyers, for housing finance, for real estate agents and for housing regulators, thanks largely to the first half of 2014. It's a thin line housing has to walk to come out of this on top, and Washington isn't helping.
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