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  • America's lost art of freedom to compete

    The value of focusing on precision is a lost art in American society, which is why the mortgage crisis — and to a greater extent the corporate and political debacles of today — are symptoms of a new-age philosophy that is more focused on delivery than on process, value or work ethic. In other words, our government and political leaders have checked out on their true responsibilities so to speak. Today's leaders must have read Oprah's favorite book, "The Secret," which claims a person creates happiness by just thinking happy thoughts or happy bubbles as it where.
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  • SEC: Mark-to-Market's Not the Problem

    The Securities and Exchange Commission, in a Congressionally-mandated and extremely long 211 page report released Tuesday, suggested that a controversial accounting standard has had little to do with the financial meltdown and does not need to be suspended. The debate over of the effect of FASB Statement of Financial Accounting Standards No. 157, Fair Value Measurements, which went into effect November 2007, has been one rarely afforded to any accounting standard.
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