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  • Increased transparency with the new GFE comes with increased cost

    When trying to explain a lack of investor understanding, one of the more popular bloggers in the financial space uses the same headline for every entry: “They just don’t get [fill-in name of the stock].” Critics say the same confusion sometimes exists in the mortgage industry – particularly when it comes to good faith estimates (GFEs). A year ago, when the new RESPA rules went into effect, originators and lenders warned that it would be unworkable and would create a logistical and legal nightmare for lenders. But that didn’t happen.
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  • LPS Expands Origination Platform Offering

    Mortgage technology provider Lender Processing Services [stock LPS][/stock] unveiled three delivery mechanisms for its Empower loan origination system, available for use in-house or through LPS' secure data center. LPS offers Empower Express, a turnkey platform that facilitates the loan process, as well as Empower Express Plus, which includes a modifiable rules engine for specific lenders. The final offering, an end-to-end version of the software, allows for complete customization by the lender.
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  • Fitch Sees Record Volatility in Commercial Real Estate

    Cash flow in commercial real estate reached a record high level of volatility in 2008, according to a report by Fitch Ratings. In its latest annual US Property Market Metric (PMM) update report, the rating agency noted higher regional market volatility across all major sector types. In 2008, Fitch saw the highest average cash flow volatility score and the largest year-over year increase since the inception of the PMM scores in 2000. Fitch assigned commercial real estate a new average cash flow volatility score of 3.62 in 2008 from 2.98 in 2007.
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  • First American CoreLogic Acquires BasePoint Analytics

    First American CoreLogic, a subsidiary of real estate services conglomerate The First American Corporation [stock FAF][/stock], said Wednesday morning that it has acquired BasePoint Analytics, LLC, a well-known provider of predictive analytic fraud and risk management solutions for the mortgage and global banking industries.
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