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  • Trailblazer: Caliber Home Loans markets first non-prime mortgage bond

    Can only get single-A, for now
    There are pros and cons to this deal. Nearly half of the borrowers in the deal show a prior credit event, including foreclosure, bankruptcy, short sale or deed in lieu of foreclosure. However, the average borrower holds $230,000 in liquid reserves. And Fitch said there are some concerns on the issuer side as well, which limited the strength of the rating. The highest pool is single-A.
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  • JPMorgan preps second ARM-only jumbo mortgage bond

    $372.4 million offering receives triple-A ratings
    Kroll Bond Rating Agency, Moody’s Investor Service and Fitch Ratings each issued presale reports on J.P. Morgan Mortgage Trust 2015-IVR2, and each ratings agency awarded triple-A ratings to the majority of the offering’s classes.
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  • Freddie Mac: Hybrid ARMs are “hot”

    Annual Adjustable-Rate Mortgage Survey shows impact of low interest rates
    Hybrid adjustable-rate mortgages continue to be the most popular ARM loan product offered by lenders and chosen by borrowers, according to the 31st Annual Adjustable-Rate Mortgage Survey of prime loan offerings from Freddie Mac.
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