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  • From HW Magazine

    Ellie Mae provides a customizable, branded and mobile online application

    Encompass Consumer Connect engages borrowers and provides lenders with faster results
    Today’s average homebuyer is three times more likely to find a lender online than they were five years ago, and 60% of homebuyers expect to apply for and complete their home loan application completely online. In order to meet these expectations, Ellie Mae developed Encompass Consumer Connect, which allows lenders to offer an engaging online consumer experience that’s transparent and compliant. 
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  • Digital launches kick it up a notch during MBA Annual conference

    Mortgage space works to integrate into digital space
    This year at MBA Annual, the talk is all centered around the latest technology. Many companies are focused on launching products that improve the efficiency, cost and customer experience in the mortgage industry. Here is a roundup of the new products that have made their way across HousingWire’s news desk over the past couple of days.
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  • Could Dallas be the next San Francisco?

    Ranks first for startup culture
    When you hear the words tech market, startup culture and unaffordable home prices, you probably think of San Francisco, home of companies such as Google, Facebook and Lyft. But now, another city might be moving into startup territory, and everything that comes with it — including rising home prices.
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    United Wholesale Mortgage

    New mortgage technology only enhances value of brokers

    Technology may be king, but the value of human touch will never lessen
    Technology is the best thing that has ever happened to the mortgage industry. From paperless mortgages to the increasing use of completely borrower-driven mortgage applications, the mortgage industry of tomorrow will be a night-and-day difference from the mortgage industry of today.
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  • Managing spikes (and dips) in mortgage volume

    Hint: Pick the right tech partner
    According to the Mortgage Bankers Association, refinance applications jumped more than 100% in the first few weeks post-‘Brexit’ as compared to a year ago, and many lenders found themselves over capacity and struggling with the increase in volume. Here's how to keep up.
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  • United Wholesale Mortgage launches own LOS

    Unveils a new type of origination software
    As one of the reported top wholesale lenders in the industry, United Wholesale Mortgage took on the challenge of releasing its own loan origination system. The result takes into account standard elements, along with new unique features.
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  • Why HousingWire launched the HW TECH25 program

    The story behind the industry’s newest tech awards
    For decades, industry dynamics didn’t require much technological innovation. A weekly rate update was sufficient for most in the market; heck, for that matter, reading industry news on a weekly broadsheet — and paying to do it — was considered synonymous with being “up-to-date.”
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  • Tech: Mobile Technology in the Reverse Space

    The reverse mortgage business has always presented lenders with a unique challenge beyond what they may have grown accustomed to in the forward market. With more regulatory requirements and recommendations in place, lenders have to quickly adapt while continuing to meet the needs of the reverse borrower. Now, as technology continues to advance, reverse lenders are able to take advantage of new tools to not only meet a borrower’s needs, but to further simplify the process and ultimately increase sales. Mobile Web applications are just one new technology outlet now available to lenders. But just how mobile Web apps relate
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