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  • Steps to avoid risk and invest in zero-cost technology

    Visionet Systems offers another option to those considering whether to build or buy
    Lenders weighing whether to buy or build the technology they need to be more efficient and competitive in this market now have another option: They can partner with Visionet Systems and take advantage of "zero-upfront-cost technology." Alok Bansal, managing director of Visionet Systems, explains how his company's pay-per-use model works to get lenders ROI from the first day of use.
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  • Tech Roundup: Visionet Offers Software Solution for H4H

    In response to the creation of the Hope for Homeowners troubled borrower refinancing program via the FHA, Cranbury, N.J.-based Visionet Systems said last week it had rolled out an updated version of its VisiRetention platform to facilitate bulk refinancing efforts under the HUD program.
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  • Tech Roundup: Risk Management Grows Up, Top 50 List Out

    Connected risk management: Visionet Systems said last week that it had updated its mortgage enterprise risk management offering, known as MERM -- what caught our eye wasn't the technology per se, but the nod towards understanding true enterprise risk in any mortgage banking operation.
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  • Visionnet Expands Offshore Business Process Outsourcing Operations

    As the mortgage industry slows and consolidates, outsources service providers are becoming critical to maintaining cost-effective operations -- Cranbury, New Jersey Visionet Systems said Wednesday that its business process outsourcing operations have grown significant as a result of the industry shift, and that as a result it has moved to a newer and larger premise in Bangalore, India.
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  • Mortgage Tech Provider Targets Repurchase Claims Management

    Visionet Systems said Monday that it had launched VisiClaims, a solution targeted to provide lenders and servicers with a mechanism for avoiding repurchases and expedite settlements through an integrated claims management solution. Loan repurchases have become a "hot-button" issue for mortgage lenders this year as early-payment defaults have soared, forcing a surge in repurchase claims from Wall Street banks that have caught numerous lenders by surprise and forced others out of business. More than 60 lenders have exited the business or filed bankruptcy since December.
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