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  • Amazon's home ranks as best state economy in WalletHub study, Alaska is worst

    Utah is second, followed by Massachusetts and California
    Washington ranked as the best state economy for 2019, followed by Utah, Massachusetts and California, according to a WalletHub study. Alaska had the worst economy, followed by Louisiana, Mississippi, Hawaii and West Virginia. "U.S. economic growth depends heavily on the performance of individual states, but some contribute more than others," the report stated.
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  • Redfin: Americans are on the move, here's where they're headed

    The number of Americans migrating across housing markets reaches a record high
    In the beginning of 2019, the number of Americans expressing interest in relocating to a new housing market rose to 25%, according to Redfin’s Migration Report. Notably, Redfin’s report revealed Phoenix was named this quarter’s top migration destination.
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  • This is what Amazon’s plans could mean for Bellevue's housing market

    Word on the street is Amazon wants to lease enough space to house 25,000 workers
    When Amazon jumped ship on its plans to occupy a skyscraper in downtown Seattle, speculation regarding the online retail giant's next big move began to swirl. Now, Redfin suggests Amazon is likely to focus its hometown growth on Washington’s Eastside suburbs, specifically in the city of Bellevue.
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  • Microsoft pledges $500 million to address Seattle's affordable housing problem

    Aims to lessen negative impact of tech boom on Seattle residents
    Microsoft has pledged $500 million to fund the construction of affordable housing in the Seattle area. The effort is a move to address criticism that tech companies have pushed out lower income residents, as an influx of well-paid tech employees have descended on the area, driving up home prices and making Seattle one of the most expensive cities to live in the nation.
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  • From HW Magazine

    When to outsource software development

    How Optimal Blue partnered with Microsoft to develop its business intelligence tool
    While most developers prefer an “in-house” strategy for product development, and relish the opportunity to learn new technologies as they create innovative solutions, finding development partners that reduce the ramp-up time helps companies like Optimal Blue to achieve the best of both outcomes.
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  • Will M&A change the mortgage tech business?

    I've been reading a fair amount lately about how merger and acquisition activity is about to heat up and how it will forever change the mortgage technology landscape. I agree with the first part, and I've already met with a number of executives who are actively seeking acquisition opportunities. I do not, however, believe that we're going to have only a few big conglomerates serving the industry in a few years.
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  • AllRegs Releases Mortgage Policy Templates

    AllRegs, an information provider for the mortgage industry, released its pre-written policy and procedure manual templates to help businesses align quality control practices in origination. The templates cover quality control policies from anti-predatory lending practices to identity theft plans. A one-time purchase delivers the templates as a customizable Microsoft Word document. Corporations can add logos, brands and their own policy and procedures, according to a corporate release.
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