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  • Majority of nation's housing markets have now recovered from housing recession

    But 25% of America's metros have yet to see significant improvement
    As home price appreciation strengthens across the country, a report from HSH suggests home prices have now returned to pre-recession highs in a majority of the nation’s largest housing markets. According to the company’s index, 75% of America’s largest housing markets achieved full home price recovery in the second quarter of 2019. However, the remaining 25% have yet to see significant improvement.
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  • Using rapid analytics to find and keep customers

    Black Knight’s RAP reduces the time, effort and cost of analyzing large data sets and applying advanced analytics
    At Black Knight, our data scientists faced the challenges of organizing vast data sets on a daily basis. In fact, we scoured the marketplace to find a tool that would help us wrangle the terabytes of mortgage and housing data we work with into useful information. Such a tool simply did not exist, but that didn’t change our needs – so we built one instead. The result is our Rapid Analytics Platform (RAP) – a “virtual lab” for organizations working with big data and complex analytics specifically around housing-related assets – and which we now offer to clients.
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  • Fannie Mae: Declining mortgage rates propel nation’s home buying outlook to new high

    Expert says America’s favorable rate environment will continue to support refinance activity
    In August, American housing confidence increased slightly as more consumers expressed optimism regarding the nation’s falling mortgage rates, according to Fannie Mae’s Home Purchase Sentiment Index. According to the GSE’s report, sentiment ticked up by 0.1 point to 93.8 in August. Not only is this up 5.8 points from last year’s rate, but it also marks a new survey high.
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  • Cheap rates create record high in “refi-eligible” population

    11.7 million mortgage holders are eligible for refinancing, Black Knight says
    More than half of all homeowners with a 30-year mortgage are now paying interest that’s 0.75% or higher than current rates, the largest share in six years, according to Black Knight. Of those, 11.7 million are “refi-eligible,” meaning they also meet broad-based underwriting criteria such as credit scores at 720 or above and enough equity to satisfy most lenders, Black Knight said.
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  • Black Knight: Home price growth rate increases for first time in 16 months

    Home prices still increasing
    Home price growth continued to slow for the 16th month in July, according to the latest data from Black Knight. As home price growth continues to slow and interest rates fall, home buyers could see an increase in affordability, according to a first look at the Black Knight Home Price index, which will be released in September.
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  • Homeowner "tappable equity" reaches an all-time high of $6.3 trillion

    Americans are sitting on a boatload of cash
    Tappable equity reached an all-time high of $6.3 trillion in the second quarter as home-price gains made real estate more valuable. The amount of equity homeowners could borrow against before hitting the 80% loan-to-value limit imposed by most lenders rose by $335 billion during the three-month period, according to Black Knight. The new record high is 26% above the 2006 peak in the midst of the housing bubble.
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  • Mortgage prepayments jump 58% as refinancings surge

    Cheap rates are driving originations, Black Knight says in report
    Mortgage prepayments jumped 58% in July from a year ago as cheap rates drove refinancings, according to Black Knight. The prepay volume was up 26% from the prior month. The lowest mortgage rates in almost three years drove more Americans to refinance home loans. The average U.S. rate for a 30-year fixed mortgage fell to 3.6% in the first two weeks of August, the lowest level since November 2016, according to Freddie Mac.
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  • Housing News Podcast: A look at the most popular episodes of Season 1

    Listen to our top episodes
    The Housing News Podcast is a weekly wrap of the top news stories by HousingWire CEO Clayton Collins. Each week, HousingWire interviews financial services experts who can help make sense of the latest headlines, sponsored by our partners at Blend. This week, we take a look at some of the most popular episodes from season one. 
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  • Nearly 10 million borrowers could lower their mortgage rate by 0.75% by refinancing right now

    Black Knight report shows borrowers' average monthly savings would be $267
    Just three days ago, data from Black Knight showed that 8.2 million borrowers could save big on their mortgages thanks to the recent decline in mortgage interest rates, but rates have continued to fall all week. Now, the number of borrowers that could benefit from a refinance has jumped to nearly 10 million.
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  • Cloudvirga promotes CRO to CEO

    Daniel Sogorka was named CRO in January
    Digital mortgage point-of-sale software provider Cloudvirga announced the promotion of its chief revenue officer, Daniel Sogorka, to chief executive officer. Sogorka was named CRO in January this year.
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