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  • ProTeck says Amazon will choose this city for its HQ2

    Says housing market makes area the perfect finalist
    Over the past several months, cities have battled it out to see who will be the home of Amazon’s planned second headquarters, and now Pro Teck says it may know which city will win. Pro Teck’s analysis shows this community may be well-positioned to receive the 50,000 new jobs expected with HQ2 due to its promising housing market and well-educated workforce.
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  • Pro Teck: These 7 housing markets close mortgages faster than anywhere else

    Typically wrapped in 50 days or less
    Out of all 200 metros Pro Teck analyzed, only seven metros are selling in 50 days or less. “These numbers represent the average for the entire metro,” said Tom O’Grady, CEO of Pro Teck Valuation Services. “This doesn’t take into account the hot micro-markets inside of these metros, some of which have sold days on market as low as 30.”
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  • Pro Teck announces new product to enhance appraisal quality

    Intelligent Quality Control allows appraisers to fix issues before submitting appraisals
    Whereas some current tools identify appraisal risk post-delivery, Pro Teck’s new tool will be able to identify the risk before the appraisal is submitted. The product’s aim is to reduce wasteful communication cycles between the appraiser, appraisal management software and the client for correction, clarification and confirmation.
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  • Pro Teck: Home prices up 9.02% annually in February

    Here are the top 10 CBSAs with the largest percent increase
    Home prices continued to rise as the market approaches the spring home-buying season, with the average home selling price increasing 9.02% annually in February 2016. This month Pro Teck Valuation Services’ Home Value Forecast also includes the top 10 CBSAs with largest 12-month percent increase.
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  • A tale of forclosure in two cities

    Pro Teck: Why some areas are recovering quicker than others
    Pro Teck compares Cleveland, which uses judicial foreclosures, to Phoenix, which does not, to see how each market has recovered. A serious lag in recovery can still be seen in states with judicial foreclosure laws.
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