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  • M&T Bank launches mortgage assistance program for minority neighborhoods

    Available in New Jersey, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania and Delaware
    Aiming to help underserved borrowers buy a home, M&T Bank announced a new mortgage subsidiary program for certain minority neighborhoods in New Jersey, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania and Delaware. According to M&T Bank, the program will allow qualifying homebuyers who are purchasing or refinancing properties in targeted neighborhoods to receive mortgage assistance that can exceed $10,000.
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  • New York to provide $100 million in zero-interest loans to prevent foreclosures

    Using Goldman Sachs fine to fund expansion of Mortgage Assistance Program
    Homeowners in the state of New York who are struggling to keep their homes from falling into foreclosure are about to get a lifeline – $100 million in zero-interest loans from the state of New York. It's all thanks to Goldman Sachs and its $5 billion toxic mortgage settlement.
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  • New program offers mortgages with 1% down

    First-time home buyers in Long Island eligible for new program
    The Community Development Corporation of Long Island announced a partnership with the Housing Development Fund to offer SmartMove New York, a down payment assistance loan product.
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  • Ending extension for federal unemployment triggers housing concerns

    California group reaches out to unemployed with mortgages
    News that the federal government has decided to forego an extension of long-term benefits for the unemployed prompted the California Employment Development Department (EDD) to fire off a warning notice to impacted workers. A big underlying concern is what happens to those using these benefits to support mortgages.
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