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  • NAR: Real estate appraisers should use drones

    FAA published much-awaited rules
    The much-anticipated drone rules from the Federal Aviation Administration are finally out. According to the new rule, the usage of drones is now allowed for real estate professionals. Real estate appraisers should take advantage of this new breakthrough, here’s why.
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  • Realtors hoping to be able to fly drones soon

    Rules still being finalized by FAA for NAR UAVs
    There will be a time when Realtors can legally fly an unmanned aerial system, or drone, around property listings to capture images for marketing purposes, but that time has not yet arrived, at least not completely. Read on and prepare for takeoff.
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  • Arizona Realtor cleared to use drone to show homes

    FAA grants first exemption for real estate photography
    An Arizona Realtor has become the first to gain authorization from the Federal Aviation Administration to use a drone for real estate photography. But Douglas Trudeau said he's not going to charge his clients any extra for the use of the drone.
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  • NAR petitions for drone use

    FAA policy prohibits any commercial use
    As technology progresses, regulators are working to make sure laws are there to protect citizens. But one new area of technology caught the eye of the National Association of Realtors, which is hoping to use it to benefit the real estate industry.
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