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  • Trump tax cuts fail to provide boost to nation’s GDP

    Low GDP reflects current “housing crisis”
    Gross domestic product was a disappointment, shrinking in the first quarter despite the recent tax cuts passed at the end of 2017. One expert explained that the current slowdown reflects an ongoing housing crisis, and what can be done to reverse it.
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  • Economic growth slows in fourth quarter

    An unexpected slowdown
    Economic growth unexpectedly slowed in 2017's fourth quarter with GDP increasing 2.6%, according to an advance estimate from the Bureau of Economic Analysis. For 2017, the economy grew 2.3%, an increase from the 1.5% growth seen in 2016.
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  • Final estimate downwardly revises Q3 GDP

    Still higher than second quarter
    The final estimate for the third quarter decreased gross domestic product slightly from the previous estimate. However, GDP is still up from the second quarter. Despite a slow start to this year, the second and third quarters have shown solid growth.
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  • Final estimate shows GDP growth exploded in Q2

    But it may not last
    Gross domestic product surged in the second quarter, more than doubling the growth from the first quarter this year. But while it would appear President Trump is well on his way to fulfilling his campaign promise of 4% GDP, this growth may be short-lived.
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  • GDP estimate surges to 3% in second quarter

    Highest since first quarter of 2015
    Gross Domestic Product increased to a full 3% in the second quarter, a level not seen since the first quarter of 2015. This increase puts the Trump administration one step closer to its campaign promise of 4% GDP.
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  • Second estimate revises 1Q GDP higher

    First quarter off to a sluggish pace
    The second estimate revised the real gross domestic product higher, increasing the annual rate from the original 0.7% estimate. This estimate is based on a more complete source data than what was available for the advance estimate issued last month. But even though there was a sluggish start to the year, it doesn’t reflect how the rest of the year will perform.
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  • GDP produces lackluster growth in Q2

    Continues slow upward climb
    The Gross Domestic Product decreased slightly from the first estimate last month, but still increased slightly overall. The disappointing gain, combined with the downward revisions to gains in the preceding two quarters, make a September interest rate hike much less likely.
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  • BEA says GDP grew at 4.2% in second quarter

    Revision upward comes from nonresidential fixed investment
    Real gross domestic product – the output of goods and services produced by labor and property located in the United States – increased at an annual rate of 4.2% in the second quarter of 2014.
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