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  • 3 ways Mel Watt could cause housing crash 2.0

    New FHFA director's policy shift could push us back to 2007
    Two days in office and Federal Housing Finance Agency Director Mel Watt is already retreating from policies designed to reduce Fannie and Freddie's reach while bringing private capital back. Will his affordable housing direction drive housing over the cliff?
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  • Don't panic: G-rate hike won't kibosh homebuying

    Hike will bring private funding back, restore market pricing to loans
    A planned guarantee-fee hike by the Federal Housing Finance Agency is drawing criticism from mortgage banking professionals who fear a less robust market for middle-income borrowers. But analysts say the time has come to get private capital back in the game, and that's impossible without a g-fee increase.
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  • Impac Mortgage announces bold strategic shift

    Closing 23 brick-and-mortar retail centers, cutting 180 staff
    In a bold strategic shift, Impac Mortgage Holdings announced this morning that it is planning to sell its active "brick and mortar" retail lending branches and lay off 180 employees in an effort to centralize lending operations and focus instead on its online lending operation.
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