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  • Republican tax bill likely curtailed 2018 home sales, Fed economists say

    Housing market should have been able to “shrug off” last year’s rate gains
    Republican tax reform that capped mortgage and property deductions has curtailed the housing market, according to a blog post from economists at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. While a 7.6% decline in the sales of new single-family homes from 2017’s fourth quarter through the end of 2018’s third quarter could be attributed to a 70 basis point rise in mortgage rates, the drop was larger than periods of similar rate gains in 2013 and 2016.
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  • Loan Officers: Teach your Realtor partners how to fish

    On Facebook, that is
    [Op-ed] What I always tell my MLOs, is teach your Realtors how to fish. What do I mean by that? Simply stated, is that instead of giving them that "one-off lead," teach them a strategy or tactic that will get them multiple leads per year. In this case, learn how to do Facebook Lead Ads for Real Estate.
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  • hosts largest online real estate sale in history

    The $96M sale is the largest e-commerce transaction, period just announced the largest transaction in its 8-year history and largest online real estate transaction ever: The $96.075 million sale of Manhattan Towers, a two-building, 309,734-square-foot office property in Manhattan Beach, Calif., a premier coastal community within Los Angeles.
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  • Does Fannie Mae support appraisers?

    Here comes Collateral Underwriter
    They kind of do, as long as they can use an appraiser's analysis and opinions in a platform to punitively rate their work against the work of their peers. But what happens when the appraiser doesn't score well enough?
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  • Want a free Bentley? Sell this house

    Agent who finds buyer for $10 million house gets added bonus
    Whoever finds a buyer for the nearly $10 million home will not only get his or her commission on the sale, the seller is also throwing in a new a 2015 Bentley at no charge. Just consider it a little cherry on top of your normal compensation.
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  • Home sales fall in California

    Rising borrowing costs, escalating prices pressure sales
    Home sales fell in California last month as the state felt the pressure from two separate trends: rising prices driven by demand and increased borrowing costs on the mortgage finance side, research firms say.
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