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  • Countdown: The top 10 HousingWire stories of the year (9,10)

    Here’s what our readers were most interested in
    As we count down the days until Christmas and the new year, HousingWire is beginning to look at our year in review. Here are some of the most popular articles of the year; some of them might surprise you – I know they surprised me! While others are more obvious.
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  • FHA announces 2016 loan limits

    Limits will increase in 188 counties
    The Federal Housing Administration announced its loan limits for 2016, with the loan limits in 188 counties set to increase due to changes in housing prices. Click here to learn more about where the FHA raised its loan limits for 2016.
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  • FHA announces 2015 loan limits

    Limits for highest and lowest cost areas remain unchanged
    The Federal Housing Administration announced its 2015 conforming loan limits. Spoiler alert: Not much changed.
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  • HUD: New FHA loan limit takes effect Jan. 1

    Ceiling for loans in high-cost areas falls to $625,500
    "As the housing market continues its recovery, it is important for FHA to evaluate the role we need to play," said FHA Commissioner Carol Galante. "Implementing lower loan limits is an important and appropriate step as private capital returns to portions of the market and enables FHA to concentrate on those borrowers that are still underserved."
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