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  • CitiMortgage takes a beating in Q3

    Mortgage originations fall 29% and its mortgage division succumbs to scandal
    Citigroup released its earnings report this morning, and mortgage originations are down. Way down. The bank reported a 29% decrease in originations year over year and an 8% decrease in originations from the second quarter.
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  • From HW Magazine

    2018 HW Insiders: Eric Rawlings

    Chief Technology Officer, Digital Risk
    Eric Rawlings and his team are the architectural backbone and security for Digital Risk’s mortgage services, configurable technology and business operations. Rawlings and his innovative team customize solutions to fit the needs of clients in the financial services and lending space.
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  • From HW Magazine

    2018 Women of Influence: Sadie Gurley

    Head of Diligence Services at Digital Risk
    When the industry experienced the pressures of the financial crisis, it turned to Sadie Gurley to find a way forward, counting on her to recapitalize trouble debt and participate in PPIP funds for the recovery. As managing director at Marathon Asset Management, Gurley purchased $400 million in distressed real estate loans during the financial crisis, securing $1.4 billion in PPIP funds.
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  • Citibank mortgage originations down 16%

    Despite a 13% QoQ increase in originations, the bank is down 16% YoY
    Citibank’s latest earnings release reveals that despite an overall uptick in retail banking, its mortgage originations took a 16% tumble year-over-year in the second quarter. This news comes after the bank’s posturing to re-enter the mortgage space earlier this year with the adoption of a new digital mortgage origination platform through Digital Risk and Black Knight.
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  • Digital Risk announces new head of diligence services

    Will boost loan evaluation services
    Digital Risk, an origination, due diligence, compliance and technology services company that partners with mortgage, consumer lending and financial services companies, announced its new head of diligence services. Here’s more on Sadie Gurley, and the background she brings to her new role.
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  • Digital Risk's LoanFX integrates with Black Knight's LoanSphere

    Integration with LOS will also help support compliance with evolving regulatory requirements
    This week, Digital Risk announced the integration of its LoanFx platform with Black Knight's Empower loan origination software. The integration provides loan officers, their clients, and their realtors, with near real-time updates throughout the application process for increased transparency. the company said the larger goal is shortening the entire process – from application to approval and underwriting – to as little as 20 minutes.
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  • CitiMortgage launches single digital origination platform

    Signs agreements with Digital Risk, Black Knight
    Citibank announced Monday agreements with two digital technology platforms to offer its new single digital platform for its clients. The new digital capabilities will allow CitiMortgage clients to complete the full loan cycle, from research to application, processing, scheduling appraisals, handing title, to closing through one digital platform.
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  • From HW Magazine

    2017 Rising Stars: Drew Vandermay

    Senior Director of Valuations at Digital Risk
    When he joined Digital Risk in 2009, valuation services were viewed as a labor source, but due to the appraisal team’s accomplishments, appraisal services became its own revenue-generating entity and eventually transformed into its own unit. Vandermay was a large part of that transition, as he was responsible for managing several successful client relationships and project scopes. 
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  • Want to disrupt the mortgage industry? Ask the decision makers

    Here's who will drive this disruption
    Throughout Digital Risk's recent "Break the Glass" Executive Women’s Sonoma Summit, attendees brainstormed how and why disruption in the mortgage industry should be spearheaded by one of the most influential, highly educated and fiscally responsible consumer groups – women. Who would better understand the differences, needs and wants of the major purchase decision makers than women?
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