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  • 2018 economic growth to hold steady, despite rising interest rates

    Economists predict two more rate hikes
    Fannie Mae’s newest report from its Economic & Strategic Research Group indicates that this year’s economic outlook isn’t going to change much. The report shows that 2018’s growth prediction remains unchanged at 2.7% and the year will see two more interest rate hikes from the Federal Reserve. But, things don’t look quite as rosy for 2019... why?
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  • From HW Magazine

    Crunch time

    HousingWire's 2015 economic outlook
    There is one distinct moment in recent memory when everything was going to be just fine. On an early morning, back in April 2013, the smallest of miracles happened on the economic front. This singular event would lead to calls that the developed world’s ability to do business, with all of its multitudinous complexities, was on the road to a recovery, maybe this time, finally, forever.
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  • The 8-ball says "All signs point to blah" in 2Q

    The shine on the second quarter has a name — fool's gold
    With most analysts expecting a weak second quarter for banks and with the latest report showing consumer spending coming in flat, the fool’s gold rush of optimism from Thursday’s big headline/cracked foundation jobs report has faded, and it doesn't look good for the second quarter.
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  • Bad news everyone: The economy is shrinking

    1Q GDP revised down as pundits join hands in hope and delusion
    Bad news everyone – all that government spending didn’t keep the economy from contracting in the first quarter after all. The nation’s domestic economic output for the first quarter was revised downward Thursday, posting a contraction of -1.0% from a meager positive 0.1% initially reported.
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  • From HW Magazine

    Reality bites: The nation's hidden (un)employment problem

    If you think the nation's job picture is better, it's time to adjust those glasses
    The uglier truth is that the employment picture remains largely unchanged from where it was in the middle of the nation’s housing and economic crisis. And at the end of this column, you’ll see what reality really looks like — in one simple chart.
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