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  • ICYMI: Paul Ryan - We will try to get QM delayed

    Community banks in his home state say they will stop lending
    One of the big news items of the day is that Paul Ryan will again serve as Speaker of the House when Congress reopens its term in 2016. Considering that Republicans will soon be in control of the Presidency and both houses of Congress, here's a look back at what Ryan told HousingWire's editor-in-chief, Jacob Gaffney, about the Qualified Mortgage rule a few years ago. Suffice it to say, Ryan's not a fan of QM.
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  • AARP Launches Tool to Spot Medicare Fraud

    AARP launched new tools designed to help older Americans understand their quarterly Medicare Summary Notices to help them spot and report errors and potentially fraudulent charges. The tools are designed to help seniors understand the charges noted on their quarterly statements so they can compare the statements to their actually doctor visits and medical services received during the quarter.  The dates and codes on paperwork received from doctors should match those on the Medicare statement.  Verifying the accuracy of these statements cannot not only root out fraud,but can also identify errors that may have led to seniors paying larger
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  • Hitting the Redo Button on Recent Regulation

    Sometimes it seems that the world would work better if more people thought like engineers. Sure, there would be less music and art and fewer people (because it would be harder for couples to hook up). But the world would also come with a version number, so everyone would know that it was a work in progress. And there would be other benefits, too.
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  • Cambridge Realty Capital Sees Origination Requests Decline

    Cambridge Realty, a debt and equity financing firm dedicated to senior housing and healthcare-linked properties reports that loan origination request volume at the firm trailed off in May, with 25 requests totaling $202,707. “These numbers compare with 35 requests totaling $546.2m for the same month last year and appear to represent a significant drop. However, in April, the company was reporting the highest level of monthly activity in two years,” Chairman Jeffrey A. Davis noted.
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  • Unemployment Climbs to 7.6 Percent

    January brought unwelcome signs of an ever deepening recession, as unemployment reached 7.6 percent, up from 7.2 percent in December, and nonfarm payrolls fell by the largest amount in thirty-four years, the Labor Department reported Friday.
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  • Obama Stimulus Taking Shape; Fed's Yellen Wants Banks In

    House of Representatives Committee on Appropriations chairman Dave Obey, D-Wis., on Thursday unveiled the House version of the $825 billion stimulus package that resulted from extensive discussions among Congressional Democrats rushing to accommodate President-elect Barack Obama's vision of an economic stimulus based on both tax cuts and spending programs.
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